CommBank's tech offerings are a key pillar in helping us to deliver a brighter tomorrow for all Australians. Our customers are engaging in more meaningful ways with our smart content and features; as of April 2021 we have 7.5 million digitally active customers, including 6.3 million customers using the CommBank app and 70% of all banking transactions conducted digitally.

Meet some of the engineers who are behind our reimagined digital features and products, including Benefits FinderCommBank Rewards and Bill Sense

Benefits Finder

"What I loved about working on this project was being involved all the way from idea to reality, and developing that idea into a fully working application.

"The team was great – we all really believed in the project and the impact it might one day have. It was one of the most skill-diverse teams I've ever been a part of – not only did we have engineers and designers, we also worked closely with behavioural economists and data scientists. As engineers we were also given the freedom to choose our architectural direction, which was really great! We pioneered the use of some modern engineering frameworks that are now used throughout the bank and contributed useful code to shared internal libraries that many applications are now taking advantage of.

"The project seemed unlike anything the Bank had undertaken before. It was one of the first in behavioural economics-driven applications, designed to provide assistance to people who may need these benefits the most.

"I know we’ve had a large impact in terms of how much money customers have saved by using the application, but for me the best part is the direct impact it’s had on my friends and family.”  

Gavin, Senior Software Engineer 


CommBank Rewards

"I love the fact that CommBank supports customers and communities with their everyday purchases through useful, highly engaging digital experiences. Being part of this mission also gives me the opportunity to bring my best self to work and deliver more than 100% every time.

"My team is made up of a bunch of people who can think, sense, imagine, innovate and deliver – all while producing CommBank Rewards. We’ve developed a unique camaraderie as a result of the multiple challenges we’ve encountered. Reaching the finish line together was such a rewarding experience.

"Since its launch, CommBank Rewards has given more than $4m in cashback savings to almost two million customers. I feel a massive sense of pride to be a part of that."

Asha, Lead Software Engineer


Bill Sense

“I’d previously worked as a consultant and was looking for an opportunity to be involved in the product space where I could own the solution and take pride in delivering great outcomes for customers. CommBank has a great app with many features that make it stand out from competitor offerings, so that’s what motivated me to join the team.

"The development of Bill Sense posed so many technical challenges, and it's been really enjoyable working as a team to overcome them and create a feature that's at the cutting edge of the financial industry. As a team we celebrate wins together, collaborate across disciplines and swarm around problems to bring out the best in each other. We work as one and we win as one.

"The capabilities developed for Bill Sense are market leading in Australia and foundational to future work that will enable us to create global-best digital experiences for our customers.

"When asked what I do, I tell people about Bill Sense and I often hear from our customers that this product is invaluable to them. Hearing how it’s helping improve our customers financial wellbeing is so gratifying and encouraging.” 

Alex, Software Engineer 


“I joined CommBank as part of the graduate program. I was impressed with how they placed technology and engineering at the forefront. I also enjoy the culture here – everyone can be their authentic self. I’m very excited by the work my team is doing to leverage machine-learning technologies to support customers' financial wellbeing and contribute to the bank of tomorrow.

"My favourite moment when working on Bill Sense was seeing the demonstrations. When I saw our feature coming together, I had this 'wow' moment. It was like stepping back after working on a painting.”

Henry, Senior Software Engineer 

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