Commonwealth Bank CEO Matt Comyn recently announced that CommBank would be making a bank-wide transition to public cloud computing. The move will see today’s public cloud base of 25% of apps and services increased to an all-encompassing 95%.

For CommBank customers, the move to public cloud will deliver increased reliability and security across the Bank’s apps and services. 

“Our ambitions are really making sure that we have a modernised, real-time and very resilient top-to-bottom technology stack,” says Matt.

This enormous migration to public cloud will be our largest digital transformation in more than five years and see CommBank usher in a new era of digital excellence. It will not only result in lower running and computing costs across our engineering functions, but also enable the Bank to offer an unrivalled digital experience for both our customers and developers.

“Given the amount that our people are engaging with us digitally and relying on our systems, it’s critical that we have an incredibly high level of availability and resilience,” Matt says.

“We have a strong history of leadership in this area and some very good assets that we’re going to build upon.”

Alongside the migration to public cloud, CommBank also announced we would be streamlining our systems landscape, pushing towards a more simplified approach to digital banking. With around 3500 applications currently running, this will be reduced by 25% as we consolidate and further modernise our Systems Engineering capabilities.

What our engineers say

More than 1000 servers currently provide the enormous computing power required to manage CommBank’s digital assets. Moving off these servers not only reduces operating and maintenance costs, but also ensures greater resiliency across the Bank’s systems. With more than five million people using the NetBank app alone, this is more important than ever. 

Pablo Venegas is team lead for the Container Services team in our existing private cloud environment.  For him, it’s important to align new systems with existing ways of working.

“With so many services operating at a large scale and as technology changes, we're always trying to be at the forefront of where technology is going,” says Pablo.

“As new tech comes out, you’re constantly evaluating how it can be adapted into our existing pipeline, which is really exciting.”

CommBank is no stranger to being at the forefront of digital innovation, leading the way on automation, scale and personalisation. The transition to public cloud sets us apart once again. 

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