"Our Continuous Delivery Technologies team consists of engineers, product owners and delivery managers. We own and manage more than 17 products and services within the Continuous Improvement and Continuous Delivery pipeline that service over 5000 engineers and hundreds of projects across the entire bank. 

"We're the engine room that ensures our 5000+ engineers across the group can do their job, which is to produce world-class software that enriches the lives of millions of Australians every day.

"What separates the best from the rest for me is a 'can-do' attitude. Your approach to work as well as life, and your eagerness to make a real difference, interests me more than the knowledge you walk through the door with.

"When growing my team, the key things I look for are the core values of the group: Care, Courage, and Commitment. I believe you’ll achieve success in any pursuit if you live and work by these values. Knowledge of Continuous Improvement and Continuous Delivery methodology and underlying technological concepts is important, but not as important as those three values.

"Working at CommBank is a fantastic opportunity to be part of big projects – your code and your creations will make a positive difference to the lives of millions of people. There are unlimited opportunities here if you're willing to take them."

"My advice to you if you're considering a career in engineering with us is to dive in, learn about the numerous areas where engineering is done, find your path and go for it!"

Andrew – Executive Manager, Global Technology Services


"I look after more than 100 Integrated Channels engineers, a very integral part of the bank that forms the backbone of our Customer Service channels. We're lucky enough to work on the latest and greatest tech stacks in the industry.

"You'll work well in my team if you consider engineering a passion, not a job, you like to have fun at work and you're a team player. Someone who displays the bank's values is also very important for me.

"My team is primarily made up of full-stack engineers, with a heavy focus on DevOps and automation. To be successful you need the right balance of technical capability and business value.

"I believe CommBank is the best place for engineers to learn the most varied aspects of technology and processes in a single place. If you're motivated enough, the sky's the limit. If you're not, then this place will motivate you."

Sumit – Senior Engineering Manager, Digital, Operations & Technology


"We're responsible for providing continuous integration and development solutions that enable software applications to get into production more quickly.

"The people I work with feel like my second family. We strive for continuous learning and improvements through consistent sharing and mentoring of one another."

"One key thing I look for when I'm hiring is problem-solving skills. You must be able to adapt quickly to changes and, most importantly, have a passion and drive for continuous learning as we're constantly coming up against new technologies and issues to solve.

"I would expect you to be able to code in at least one software language, and you must have an automation mindset – we're always looking for more efficient ways to do things!

"CommBank is a big family that will provide plenty of support, personal and career growth opportunities. You'll have a wide range of tech stacks available to you with plenty of new projects to work on.”

Maria – Engineering Manager, Enabling Technologies & Practice

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