Fresh and innovative perspectives, a rapidly growing fleet of Engineers, and leaders of the tech industry joining in droves. This sounds like the kind of environment that would only be possible in big tech companies or a hyper growth startup…right? Not quite! This is what's happening in our CommBank Engineering community right now.  

We sat down with James and Roshan two of our Engineering graduates who are excited to be reimagining banking for our 17 million+ customers.  

“Our leaders are focused on building world-class engineering excellence, where our Engineers have access to the tools, platforms, and skills they need to solve the Bank’s most complex problems. This, along with the rapid hiring of tech skills and adoption of new technologies has felt like being part of a tech renaissance within the Bank and has given us immense and exciting opportunities as Graduates.” Said James who along with Roshan was recently tasked with building infrastructure that allows other teams to move fast and test builds quickly to improve the developer experience.

“Our section of the project (which was entrusted to just us three Grads!), saw us experimenting and implementing exciting technologies such as: Terraform, an infrastructure as code offering; Amazon Web Services; and Kubernetes. Failing fast and inevitably breaking things have become encouraged, giving us the unique opportunity to play around and experiment on solutions for Engineers in the largest organisation in Australia. 

This learning-driven culture, where leadership has placed trust and responsibility into all Engineers, even Grads, has made the experience deeply rewarding and exciting.” Said James, who loves the autonomy and how leaders at the Bank support his growth by encouraging him and other Graduates to regularly showcase their wins and learnings.

“We recently demonstrated our codebase and brand to hundreds of Software Engineers at CommBank,” added Roshan who still can’t believe the three Graduates have been able to achieve so much in just a few months of starting.

James and Roshan will continue to take on our ambitious goal to be the world’s best digital bank and encourages everyone who is curious and not afraid of a challenge to explore what CommBank has to offer.

“For us Grads, it’s been an incredible journey, being able to showcase and grow our skills as Software Engineers, develop our personal brands, and learn from the very best in the tech industry. We can’t wait to see you here soon!”

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