I’m born and raised in the Griffith area; I started my career in winery marketing, before moving to banking. It’s been great to grow not only my family in this region, but my career and the businesses my role supports. Here’s what a day in the life looks like for me:

6:30AM: Alarm is off, I’m out of bed and out the door to walk our Moodle, Evie. I like to squeeze in some movement before the tornado of tasks for the day takes off.

7:00AM: Back from my walk, I grab a cuppa to prepare for the whirlwind to start – getting the children ready for school and myself for work. Once we’ve got lunches and bags packed, hair done and uniforms on, it’s time for school drop off. 

Doing the school drop off

8:30AM: After school drop off, I’m off to the branch for work. I tend to split my week up across working from home, the branch and client visits – this could be at their homes, businesses or a local cafe. Today I’ll spend most of my time connecting with the team, planning our weekly goals, before visiting a client in the afternoon.

9:00AM: Time for our weekly Riverina team meeting. We share best practices, team wins, reflect on the week before and our performance goals for the week ahead. We also share stories of team members who’ve demonstrated our values of care, courage and commitment. You can’t help to feel uplifted after these – a great way to kick off Monday!

9:30AM: I check our client accounts and reference reports; this helps us to provide timely and relevant support to clients based on their activity, and plan for future client visits.

I start to receive a couple of customer phone calls about card assistance and transactions. I pass these onto our dedicated Account Managers who can investigate these enquiries immediately. The Account Manager support means we can solve customer enquiries at pace, giving me more time to focus on the customer relationship.

11:00AM: Coffee time – second for the day, but who’s counting? I grab a coffee with some of the team to stretch our legs and support one of our many local cafes. While we wait, a couple of us are debating which would be the ideal White Lotus holiday spot – the team’s current TV show of choice. No surprise, Italy came out to be the winner!

11:30AM: Back at my desk, re-caffeinated and ready to jump into our workflow meetings. While each Relationship Executive has their own portfolio, we all work together to plan resourcing for new money applications and renewal transactions as a collective.

We also factor our team’s development into these planning sessions; ensuring our Analysts are getting exposure across diverse transactions.

Once we’ve prioritised the workflow, I meet with Lauren, the analyst who’ll be supporting my clients’ applications. We discuss the client’s needs and identify what information is required for us to complete the application. To finalise the application I schedule a meeting with our client, Lauren and myself to discuss their requirements in more detail.

1:00PM: It’s lunchtime and I’m heading to an Italian cucina across the road to meet a couple of our local accountants. This is a casual meeting to discuss industry updates and trends we’re both seeing, but most importantly to network and build relationships. Accountants are trusted advisors in the Griffith region.

2:30PM: Time to head out to a client site, one of our winery businesses, not a bad way to finish a Monday, though I’m not sure we’ll be doing any tasting this time round. I’ve taken one of our analysts, David out with me to meet the client face-to-face, and get a deeper understanding of the client’s operations behind the scenes.

We took a tour of a block on the vineyard featuring new irrigation systems that a recent loan application funded. It makes me proud to see the tangible outcomes of our work right in front of us. After our tour, we have a conversation about what’s next for our client, their goals and challenges, and how we can help them navigate. 

Meeting a client

4:30PM: Client visit is done, time to drive back to branch before clocking off. In the car ride back, David and I debrief on the client visit including how we can help them with their personal and business financial goals.

5:00PM onwards: Time for 'me time' with a gym class before going home, where I know Evie will interrogate me for wearing active wear and not taking her for a walk.

Once I’m home, it’s dinner time with the family. My husband has prepared dinner and helped the girls with homework, so I pop a load of washing on (only way to stay on top of it through the week), before winding down in front of the telly with Ted Lasso.

This is just one day in my fulfilling 18-year career with CommBank. As a Relationship Executive, you get a lot of flexibility to create your own day; you get to make it what you want. Looking back at where I’ve grown my career from, I love where I’m today.

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