Working flexibly is all about people working in ways that allow them to achieve their best. We caught up with a few of our people who take advantage of CommBank’s flexible work policies to understand what it really means to them.

“The approach to flexible working here is ‘how can we make this happen?’ Whether that’s job-sharing, part-time work, or working from home. I can attend school events and do drop-offs and pick-ups for my kids, while still delivering at a senior level.

"At CommBank it’s about the quality of your output rather than face time in the office.”

Soraya Alali, General Manager, Digital and Customer Experience (Full-time hours condensed into nine-day fortnights)

“I live in Bowral, more than a hundred kilometres away from Sydney with a 2.5-hour commute door to door. If I did daily travel it would add 25 hours to my work week, so I work from home as well as on the afternoon train. I’m at home two days a week, and when I’m in the office I leave at around 3.30pm and finish my work on the commute. If I couldn’t do this I don’t think I could still be working here!”

Michael White, Head of Investment Exposure Management (Full-time hours, informal flexible arrangement)

“I’m in the office four days a week. The flexible environment lets me balance my responsibilities at work as well as outside of work with my partner and kids. I really feel that at CommBank you have all the tools at your disposal to work in a way that suits you, because here we acknowledge that flexibility means different things to different people. I know people who have relocated or work remotely, have a formal flex arrangement or, like I do with my team, just manage flexibility on an individual basis.”

Claire Rowan, Executive Manager, Vendor Contracts (Part-time)

“I work remotely from the Sunshine Coast, even though my role is based in Sydney. My team have been amazing in supporting my move and helping to make the remote working arrangement work.

"I’m still able to do everything I usually do professionally, I’m just also able to things like buy a house and spend quality time with family. To me, that’s invaluable.”

Julie Dolan, Change Lead (Remote working)

“I have had a chronic illness for the past six years, and without the ongoing support that I have been provided by CommBank I simply would not have been able to focus on my recovery and wellbeing. When I was diagnosed, the response from my line management at CommBank was amazing. I was able to immediately change to a reduced working week, and now work remotely two weeks out of every three. It has provided me with much-needed space to recover, but it has also had many other benefits like creating space for my team members to grow by taking on additional responsibilities when I am not physically present. In a strange way I’ve never felt more connected to my team and now spend most of my week coaching them rather than managing them.”

Name withheld at employee's request

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