Our goal is to ensure the majority of our roles can be flexible so that our people can work where and how they choose. 

Hear from some of our people on how flexible working options worked for them.

“I joined CommBank right before the restrictions of the pandemic were first introduced in Australia. Living and working in Melbourne, I’d felt connected to my team in Sydney even though I hadn’t met them face to face yet. We had regular video calls, and openly shared the ups and downs of living through a global pandemic. During Melbourne’s second lockdown, I received care packages from my team and heartfelt messages of support. I love that I can achieve my career goals here without compromising my personal goals and mental health.” 

Elena– Manager, Diversity & Inclusion Insights 

“I started at CommBank as a full-time Executive Manager almost 7 years ago. For personal reasons I requested to move to a part-time role working three days a week. I had an open conversation with my manager. We landed on a job share arrangement where my role would be shared between me and a colleague. Between us we had one day of overlap to set us both up for success.

A few years on I decided to take an unpaid career break. My leader was very supportive, and the conversation was focused on how we could make it work. During my career break, I knew it could be challenging to secure my next role because I wanted to come back on a part-time basis. I applied for a full-time role and felt confident that I could do the role four days a week so I proposed this arrangement. In accepting the role I committed that I would be flexible as needed to meet the needs of my customers and team.

I balance being at home with coming into the office. This works for me. I can have plenty of focused time at home and organise my office days around face-to-face meetings and catch-ups. I’ve been able to use flex working options with very minimal compromises to my work satisfaction, personal lifestyle and my career!” 

Laura – Executive Manager, Financial Wellbeing

 “Working at CommBank has enabled me to manage a chronic and often deadly liver disease in a way that no other workplace has. It’s been quite literally life-changing. Working from home part-time from day one, and full time since the onset of the pandemic has meant that I can manage full-time work while improving my health.  Most empowering has been the all-embracing positive culture and attitude of the team to my arrangement. This is what makes me love working here – whether that’s in person or online - because I can throw myself fully into work without it coming at the expense of my health. I was surviving, but now (ironically during a global pandemic) I’m thriving. CommBank as an employer is saving my life.”

Beiwei – Software Engineer 

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