“When my little girl was born, my partner wasn't able to take much time off for maternity leave. However, I had the opportunity to take 12 weeks' parental leave and some annual leave I had saved up. Overall I had almost five months off work to be with my daughter while my partner worked part-time.

"If it wasn’t for the support I received from my manager and CommBank, I wouldn’t have been able to take time off to experience being a new dad.” 

Kyle Leong – Indigenous Careers Partner

“My wife went back to work 10 months after giving birth, and so I began my three months in the hot seat as my son’s full-time carer. And what a three months they were! I got to spend loads of quality time with my son, and watch him transform from a relatively stationary, relaxed bub into an energetic, adventurous and infinitely curious toddler. Not only did my time on parental leave provide many great experiences and memories, it also delivered an important dose of reality – I learnt pretty quickly that being a full-time carer is no mean feat!”

Rory O’Connor – Executive Manager, Communications Business and Private Banking

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