Getting to know candidates, placing them into the right roles and educating colleagues about the importance of events such as NAIDOC Week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) are just some of the things our Indigenous recruitment team do, day in and day out – and always with plenty of passion and pride. 

Our Indigenous Careers Partners share how they're helping Australia's first peoples to achieve their career goals as well as what NAIDOC means to them.

“I’m proud to have worked in a number of roles at CommBank, starting from our branch network, then to our retail helpdesk and now as an Indigenous Careers Partner for the Talent Acquisition team. I look after the traineeship portfolio, placing 35 school-based trainees and 15 full-time trainees into placements each year. I also oversee the management of the entire program, working with stakeholders inside and outside the group to get people into these roles.

"It’s so fulfilling to be able to place Indigenous youth into roles, some of whom are the first in their families to have jobs. It makes me proud to know that I’m making such a huge difference to the community."

"Ironically, the Indigenous recruitment team supported me to achieve my goal of working in the role I’m in today. Kathleen, who looks after experienced hire, went above and beyond to flag my resume with hiring managers. We continued to stay in touch from the time we met all the way through to me securing the role – now we’re like family in the same team! Having someone from the Indigenous recruitment team as someone in my network really made me feel connected not only to the team, but to my culture within CommBank.

"NAIDOC to me means teaching my sons about the achievements of our culture, as well as celebrating its richness. My sons have always been part of the Koori dance group, so watching them learning the traditional dance moves is one of my favourite parts of the celebration.”

I am Casey, a proud Wiradjuri woman

“CommBank gave me the opportunity to align both my passion for Indigenous employment with my professional skills. I spend my days sourcing talent for our experienced specialist roles and match people from the community to jobs. I’m also responsible for increasing Indigenous access to employment opportunities across the group, through educating recruiters and hiring managers. With the recent opening of our new offices at South Eveleigh in Redfern, where there’s so much cultural significance tied to the area, more opportunities opened up in teams like Business Banking. I supported with the hiring of six Indigenous candidates into Business Banking in FY20 – five of whom are based at our new Redfern office.

"I still pinch myself that I actually get paid to give back to the community. I do this by helping people find jobs and increase their job search and interview skills. I’m a bit of an energiser bunny and take any opportunity to have a yarn, meet new people and share my experiences. Outside of work I find happiness doing volunteer work to support Indigenous youth with job skills.

"NAIDOC is all about family and identity to me. It’s a chance to celebrate culture, community, success and survival with my family."

"Every year the Shoalhaven community (where I’m from) holds a big NAIDOC family day at the showground. There are many other smaller celebrations across the week, which I love to attend too.”

I am Kathleen, a proud Yuin woman

“I applied for CommBank's graduate program in 2014 and secured a role in Financial Services (Accounting). In November 2015 I applied for a role in the Indigenous Careers Team. I was initially unsuccessful, but had an opportunity to do a secondment into the team for two months. Five weeks later, I was offered the role, which would be to focus on tertiary talent.

"Since joining the team, I’ve delivered annual Indigenous employee conferences, set up a culturally safe platform for all Indigenous employees to connect, and secured roles for Indigenous graduates across Australia. I transitioned from financial services to recruitment to provide care and support to others, give back to the Indigenous community and use my journey to influence current and future graduates to provide them with meaningful careers.  

"The work our team, along with the Campus and Reconciliation team, have done in the past five years has been exceptional. As of 2015, 40 graduates with an Indigenous background have started our graduate program – that’s 6% of our hires who have been Indigenous. Given Indigenous peoples represent 3% of Australia’s population, this is a significant result. Because I understand what it takes as a candidate and what skills CommBank looks for, I’m able to provide candidates advice on what they should be researching and how to put their best foot forward.

"CommBank supports me to work remotely and still work to the best of my ability."

"Another important milestone in our lives was when my youngest was born. I was able to take parental leave to spend as much time as I needed with my growing family.

"NAIDOC to me is a celebration of First Nations culture and allows us as a people to come together as a community. During the week, we like to go to the NAIDOC events and we’ll attend the local family fun day. One year I was fortunate enough to attend the NAIDOC awards, which recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to improve their communities.”

I am Kyle, a proud Koko-Berra man 

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