"CommBank gave me the opportunity to align both my passion for Indigenous employment with my professional skills. As Business Engagement Manager, I’m responsible for educating our business stakeholders and hiring managers to help increase Indigenous access to employment opportunities across the Group.

I still pinch myself that I actually get paid to give back to the community. As a team we work really hard to build confidence in Mob applying for CommBank roles and to feel supported and nurtured on their employment journey. In line with this we’re also playing a key role working with non-Indigenous ally’s on the importance of investing in Indigenous Careers to create a sustainable future together.  I’m a bit of an energiser bunny and take any opportunity to have a yarn, meet new people and share my experiences. Outside of work I find happiness doing volunteer work to support Indigenous youth develop job skills." - Kathleen, a proud Yuin woman

“I chose to work for CommBank because of the continuous support I’ve received from the Indigenous Employee Network, and our allies across the Group. They’ve shown me it’s possible to have a culturally safe workplace, and a workplace of choice for Mob. 

I’ve worked with CommBank for over eight years now, but my current role as an Indigenous Careers Partner is a space I’m truly passionate about! I’m so excited to be in a role where I’ll have more impact with community - helping Mob succeed at CommBank through our traineeship pathways.” - Linda, a proud Anewan woman

“My move into Indigenous Careers is a testament to the support we have at CommBank to move, develop, and progress as talent. When I came across the Indigenous Careers Sourcing Partner role, my heart sang! The idea of working to create meaningful opportunities, offering support, and engaging with Mob across the country, seemed like a dream. Now in that role, I take this opportunity with a lot of pride and honour to uphold our commitments to create and foster an inclusive workplace in which our First Nations People and treated equally.

I look forward to working with the team to make a tangible impact in closing the employment gap, and ensuring Mob have space in the workplace to feel comfortable, safe, and supported to thrive.” - Jordan, a proud Wiradjuri woman

“I’m passionate about helping Mob find jobs they love, and my role with Indigenous Careers as a Sourcing Partner is to connect communities with meaningful careers in banking. Being part of the CommBank Indigenous Careers team means we can make a big impact with both First Nations and non-First Nations peoples. We’re doing this through employment and development pathways for Mob, and supporting our non-First Nations people to build greater understanding of our culture. To me, this all goes towards the bigger picture of reconciliation for us as Australians.” - Trent, a proud Gomeroi man

“Working with the CommBank Indigenous Careers team offers me so much variety, and opportunities to progress in my career, as well as support for Mob to thrive. As a Talent Acquisition Manager with Indigenous Careers, I aspire to bring out the best in my team, and help them to succeed both professionally and personally to achieve their goals. When I am not connecting with Mob inside CommBank, you’ll find me spending time with family, friends and reminiscing about my days in a girl band.” - Violet, a proud Walbunga woman of the Yuin Nation


“Being the second eldest of six kids, I can proudly say I come from a big Indian family. I was on born on the Fiji Islands but moved to Australia as a child, so Meanjin (Brisbane) has always been home for me. As an ally I’ve always been passionate about using my skills in recruitment to play an active role in reconciliation through employment for First Nations Peoples.

I love that in my role with the Indigenous Careers team I can continue to champion this by supporting First Nations university students. What really motivates me in my role is knowing that when we’re working with First Nations students to help them achieve their dreams and career goals, the positive impact is wider than just the individual, it reaches their family and community.” - Loriza, a proud Fijian Indian woman

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