Getting to know candidates, placing them into the right roles and educating colleagues about the importance of events such as NAIDOC Week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) are just some of the things our Indigenous recruitment team do, day in and day out – and always with plenty of passion and pride.  

 “Working for CommBank for almost five years, feels like having a whole second family. In all the different areas that I’ve worked in at CommBank, I’ve had the pleasure of working with incredible people – it’s been a league of its own really. CommBank is truly committed to its peoples, customers and communities. Moving into the Indigenous Careers team recently, has shown me that this workplace is a true testament to supporting communities.

As the team coordinator, I’m responsible for everything from stakeholder management, advocacy of our cultural capability including Blackcard Training to conversations with candidates who identify as First Nations People. One of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) commitments is that 70% of our people are to complete cultural capability training. This is important to me because not only do we achieve our RAP targets, but I’m encouraging non-Indigenous employees to learn more about our history.

NAIDOC to me is a celebration of culture, history and an amplification of all First Nations achievements. I love this time of year, because while I celebrate my culture with my family every day, this is a time for all Australians to celebrate our culture and learn more. Although this isn’t unusual in our household, I normally have conversations about truth telling with my seven year old daughter. I talk to her about our People’s versions of events, and really try to instil how proud she should be that throughout Australia’s history, we’re still here and able to celebrate our culture.”

            I am Bree, a proud Biripi and Anaiwan woman

 “I’m an Indigenous Careers Partner and someone who loves a yarn, so looking after the Tertiary stream of our Programs was the perfect fit for me. I work closely with Indigenous university students who are trying to get into their first job. Working directly to support and facilitate the career development of young First Nations People, my interactions with them are extremely important and I need to make sure I’m getting it right for Mob.

Like the Interns and Grads I look after, I came through the same pathway. I’ve moved across a number of different roles at the Bank and the most impactful thing to my career was support; professionally, culturally and personally. Having access to the best in class development and leadership team, as well as the Indigenous Employee Network were some of the most important factors to the success of my career so far.

NAIDOC to me, is a week of celebration for Mob – to celebrate and recognise achievements. It’s a time also to stop and reflect on the work that has been done to date to advance Indigenous Affairs. I think of people like William Cooper, Mum Shirl, Sol Bellear, Gary Foley, Bob Maza, Kerry Johnson, Aunty Bronyn Penrith, Aunty Malarndirri McCarthy and my peers who are doing amazing work in their respective fields.”

       I am Jonah, a proud Wiradjuri man

 “CommBank gave me the opportunity to align both my passion for Indigenous employment with my professional skills. I spend my days sourcing talent for our experienced specialist roles and match people from the community to jobs. I’m also responsible for increasing Indigenous access to employment opportunities across the Group, through educating recruiters and hiring managers.

I still pinch myself that I actually get paid to give back to the community. I do this by helping people find jobs and increase their job search and interview skills. I’m a bit of an energiser bunny and take any opportunity to have a yarn, meet new people and share my experiences. Outside of work I find happiness doing volunteer work to support Indigenous youth with job skills.

NAIDOC is all about family and identity to me. It’s a chance to celebrate culture, community, success and survival with my family. Every year the Shoalhaven community (where I’m from) holds a big NAIDOC family day at the showground. There are many other smaller celebrations across the week, which I love to attend too.”

           I am Kathleen, a proud Yuin woman

“As a non-indigenous Australian, I’m honoured to be part of the Indigenous Careers team. As a recruiter, I play a part in building a brighter future for First Nations People by placing individuals into the right roles. I have the opportunity to have robust conversations with my candidates around career development and mentor them where I can. For a lot of First Nation’s People, they’re first in their family to get a job. Improving access to meaningful career opportunities is what I do every day, and this has a real impact on so many lives.

Working in a team with Mob, I’m lucky to learn about the Indigenous culture including NAIDOC week. It’s a time to celebrate the richness of the culture, join in on activities and share my learnings with other allies. We can really learn so much from First Nation’s People, their culture, ways of being, and working. I encourage allies to spend time educating themselves on content created by First Nations Peoples, and have conversations with friends and families about what you’re learning. And if you’re really lucky, like I’ve been, surround yourself with amazing Indigenous people who you can learn from.”

            I am Leyla, an Indigenous Careers Partner

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