"As a proud Gumbaynggirr and Gunditjmara man growing up in south-western Sydney, I was one of the first in my family to go to university. Given the opportunity to study overseas, I was able to learn the nuances of culture and language with a business lens on a global scale. 

"With a deep understanding of community from my international experience as well as through my Indigenous heritage, I wanted to invest my skills on home soil. That's why I chose to work at CommBank, because we’re a true representation of Australia and can change the financial wellbeing of our communities through the great work we do every day."

"I was blessed to be able to continue working full time throughout the early days of COVID-19. Coming in as a Retail Banking Graduate and being one of my first full-time jobs, I felt able to adapt to working virtually, having not known anything else. Even though we were separated physically, I still felt connected to my team. I found myself quickly giving back by teaching my co-workers how to engage with the new virtual world. This process was rewarding and made me feel like I was a part of the wider CommBank team.  

"During the lockdown we would have multiple meetings throughout the week and catch-ups that helped us grow, network and develop our skills. This support really helped me thrive in my job and gave me an opportunity to work to my best potential. We were always supported during the graduate program through the leadership that surrounded us, the program managers and our peers. I became so close to my grad cohort who become like a second family, and it helped build relationships since everyone was going through and feeling the same thing.

"Adjusting to a completely virtual program delivery could’ve been tough, but the graduate council always tried to accommodate us as best as they could in the world we were living in.

"For me, community is everything. Coming from a very strong community of Indigenous people, I feel that having a sense of belonging is important in all aspects of life. From the local footy club to your local coffee shop, community is the thing that links us all together."

"Walking into a place like CommBank, I’ve felt that the sense of community every day. Being part of our employee-led diversity network Yana Budjari (which translates as 'come together, you mob'), I found a sense of community and shared purpose being part of this workplace. We regularly talk in our weekly yarning circles and make an effort to reach out to others to help them feel they're part of something bigger.

"As an Indigenous man, I have a duty to protect the land and everyone that travels across it. Working at CommBank allows me in my own way to live up to this duty by improving the financial wellbeing of people all across the country." 

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