"I had just had my third child. When it was time to start thinking about coming back to work, I knew I wanted a change. After working for one big company, I wanted to try another big company. And my eyes were set on the finance industry. I reached out to my network and they pointed me towards CommBank.

"I applied for the role of Customer Strategy Marketing Manager at CommSec – I knew customer marketing, but had no idea about investing in shares. I was interested in it but I didn’t know if it was for me. I’ve been investing in properties since I was 22, so I was familiar with the housing market, but the share market was a whole new world for me.

"I’d always attached a stigma to share trading – men in suits yelling 'buy!' and 'sell!' Little did I know then that after a few months in the role I’d be having conversations about shares on my weekends – it was all my friends were talking about."

"I’ve come to learn that investing in the share market is something within every person’s reach. When I first joined I went through training to upskill in the markets and investing. My trainers made the sessions so easy to understand – they were both informative and surprisingly entertaining!

"My eyes were suddenly opened to this new world – it was a lightbulb moment that left me asking myself, ‘where have you been all my life?!’ And with our economist in the media team being part of the wider Marketing and Strategy team, ongoing learning direct from the experts is definitely one of the perks of the job.

"In my role, I look for ways to optimise and shape new marketing programs and comms focused on improving our customers’ overall experience with CommSec. I’ve always had an interest in how people think and working out how to communicate with them in the best way. I really enjoy delving into the data, understanding how things work and progressively tweaking different elements in pursuit of bigger and better results – creating things that look and sound good, provoke thought and initiate action.

"I feel empowered here. There’s so much opportunity and the teams really value innovation."

"In my first few months, I wanted to launch an idea at CommSec that I had worked on in my previous workplace. I suggested to my General Manager that I believed something like this would do even better here, and she was so keen to help make it happen.

"I thought an idea like this would take around a year to launch, but it was done in a few months. Working at CommSec is like working for a small business but with the backing of a big reliable brand – we’re nimble and quick to make things happen. What excited me the most was that we’d never done anything like this at CommSec before, but everyone had the courage to just go for it and in the end proved they could do more than they thought they could.

"And it hasn’t stopped there. Our teams continue to demonstrate grit and determination – challenging the status quo, adapting quickly and launching new initiatives to support the incredible number of new investors that have since joined us."

"Having three kids – Enzo (nine), Elise (six) and Aston-Rose (three) – while also working full time and unashamedly being an F45 Training addict, it’s fair to say my life can get pretty busy. At CommSec, flexibility is a given and there is a lot of trust to get quality work done. I love working from home because it’s ideal for deep, focused work. And it’s easier to squeeze in exercise before work and after school pick up at a reasonable hour. I also love my days in the office, catching up with colleagues and working together in person.

"For me, it’s never been easier to have a family and my career. It’s especially easy when your leaders are authentic and approachable. I’m comfortable to speak up or step up when I want, and can also be vulnerable when I need to be."

"Our purpose at CommSec is to empower more Australians to grow their wealth. It’s an ambitious purpose that I’m proud to stand behind because it makes me feel like I’m striving for something bigger than myself – something that has the potential to really change our country’s future. I’ve witnessed such amazing work in my short time here and this is just the beginning.

"There’s so much potential in this company and I’m so thankful to be part of it now – there really has never been a better time to work here." 

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