‘“Own it” to me means you carefully consider the role your career has in various life stages, actively make decisions and forge connections so you can take the right steps at the right time for you. My husband and I committed to sharing the parenting load when our children were born, so neither of our careers took a back seat. We both chose to work four days a week until our children started primary school.

‘Now we're in a different life-stage and my focus is on showing my network and team the care to understand their strengths, give them feedback, introduce them to people who can make a difference and generally support them to achieve their career development aspirations.’ 

Jane – Executive General Manager, Human Resources 


For me, “owning my career” has meant working out what really matters to me – and acknowledging that this may change over time depending on circumstances. It means being open to change and opportunity, and having the courage to step out of my comfort zone to take up new challenges – some of my most rewarding (and scary!) times have been through doing that. It also means having the courage to ask for help or advice – there are always people around to support you.’'

Julia – Executive General Manager, Operations, Technology & Corporate Services


‘“Own it” to me means to expect the unexpected and embrace the change, even if it's scary or challenging. It's important to have a plan, but I've had to be prepared for that plan to be thrown out of the window and "roll with it" more than once – and I've learned so much each time.

'The key to “owning it” is to work out the kind of people you want to work with and go after the culture that's best for you.'

‘Joining a great team and following an inspiring leader makes “owning it” that much easier and sweeter.’

Nicola – Executive Manager, Business Optimisation


‘For me, “owning my career” is about being committed to what I do while having the courage and curiosity to explore my passions and growth opportunities. My move to CommBank was driven by this curiosity, and it certainly required courage to leave my comfort zone after so many years as a private practice lawyer. But I'm delighted to be in a space where I can continue to explore career possibilities.

‘Working part-time as a mother of three, I've certainly experienced my share of hurdles as I've been pulled in multiple directions over the years (literally - as I have twins!). So, I’ve also learned to be kind to myself, to take setbacks in my stride, and to keep having fun (thanks in great part to my wonderful colleagues).’

Irem – Senior Legal Counsel


‘To me, “owning my career” means taking the time to reflect on what I want to achieve, and then putting a plan in place to get there. It also means understanding yourself – what you’re really passionate about, what your strengths are and where you need to continue to focus and grow.

'I often talk about that pit in your stomach, and how you should embrace that feeling – whatever is causing that pit is something that’s going to stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone.’

Nicole – Regional General Manager, Customer Service Network

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