With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changing the way we live and work, it’s perhaps more important than ever that we’re taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically. To that end, we’ve identified a handful of small changes you can make towards living a healthier life.

1. Choose an exercise you enjoy

You’re unlikely to commit to a new activity or habit unless it’s something you actually like. If you’re the social type, team up with a friend and use a brisk walk or a game of tennis as an opportunity to catch-up. If you lose interest easily, make a point to mix up the range of activities you pursue to keep things fun.

2. Set aside a little time to book your check-ups in one go

Are there check-ups you’ve been putting off? Whether it’s a dental appointment, cholesterol check, mammogram, an assessment for ongoing back pain or a skin check, it can help to create a recurring item in your calendar. Teeth cleaning by a dentist is recommended every 6 months, for example. You might then consider making the next 2 years’ worth of appointments in one go.

If you have health insurance with AIA Vitality, you’re entitled to one free health check per calendar year, which will help identify whether your Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, random blood glucose level and total cholesterol are within healthy ranges for your age.

3. Consider prevention and cure

Maintaining good health involves a combination of prevention and cure.  Looking after your health is an investment, which will positively affect every aspect of your life. Being healthy of mind and body will benefit your working life, personal relationships and ability to enjoy the little things in life.

Taking on health insurance could offer one way to keep you on track and keep costs from impacting your day-to-day living. Some health insurers even offer various incentives for looking after yourself. Health insurance, with AIA Vitality for example, rewards you for engaging in healthy activities, with things like shopping vouchers, cash into your CommBank account and discounts on movie tickets, massages and sporting gear.

4. Do a daily 2-minute check-in with yourself

Unlike a physical ailment that you might be able to clearly see, declining mental health can be harder to recognise. A daily mindfulness meditation – if only for 2 minutes a day – in which you breathe deeply while focusing on various parts of your body, one at a time, can be useful for noticing how overwhelmed you might feel and where you’re storing stress in the body.

5. Each evening, keep your phone in a drawer

Yes, having the world at our fingertips is wonderful, however being bombarded with a constant stream of news can also contribute to anxiety and depression. Instead, spend the evening enjoying a home-cooked meal, connecting with your family, and unwinding from the working day.

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