Some home loans give you the flexibility to access additional repayments you’ve made over and above the required minimum repayment amount. This can be helpful if you want to use the money for something else – like, for example, an unexpected bill, renovations or an investment opportunity – or to take a break from upcoming scheduled repayments.


If your home loan has a redraw facility, this means you can redraw additional repayments you’ve made onto the loan. Being able to redraw typically depends on the type of loan you have and how far ahead you are on your repayments. Sometimes a fee may also be involved.

For CommBank customers with a variable rate home loan or Economiser home loan with principal and interest repayments, for example, there is no fee or minimum amount to redraw online, although there is a minimum redraw of $1,000 in branch. But no redraw is available for customers on fixed rate home loans during the fixed rate period, or for our Economiser home loan with interest-only payments (for the life of the loan even if the loan rolls over to principal and interest repayments).

Find out more about redrawing on CommBank home loans, or redraw in NetBank if you're already a CommBank customer.

Keep in mind that redrawing your additional repayments may increase the amount of interest you’re charged as you’re effectively increasing the amount of money you owe.

Repayment holiday

Another option you may have if you’re ahead in your home loan is a repayment holiday.

For eligible CommBank home loans, you may be able to put your home loan direct debit request (DDR) repayments on hold for a set period of between three to 12 months, giving you flexibility to direct your money to where it is needed most. Eligibility conditions apply.

To apply for a repayment holiday from your existing CommBank home loan, you can call us on 13 2224 or visit your nearest branch.

Repayment relief

Sometimes your financial circumstances can change in ways you haven’t anticipated or prepared for. If you’re finding it hard to meet home loan repayments, we can help

Change your home loan repayment amount and/or frequency

Change in NetBank

Things you should know

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