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Assistance and approach

Am I eligible?

There are a number of reasons you may find yourself unable to maintain repayments within the terms of your credit contract, ranging from the short term management of overdue amounts, to cases of severe financial hardship.

Financial Assistance Solutions Team
In the event you require temporary assistance with your repayments, our Financial Assistance Solutions Team is available to support, offering flexibility with instalments due, including an appropriate extension of time to pay. Our Financial Assist Team is available on 1300 653 012, from 8am – 9pm Monday – Friday and 9am – 2pm Saturday.

Financial Assist Team
In the event you require medium-term or ongoing financial assistance as a result of financial difficulty, our Financial Assist Team is available to support.

Financial Assist

At CommBank, our customers’ needs and wellbeing are the focus of everything we do. We understand that unexpected events can happen, and you may find yourself experiencing difficulty in meeting repayments to your home loan, personal loan, credit card or overdraft account.

Our Financial Assist Team can support you during these times by working with you to find the right financial solutions to get you on track.

Common events contributing to financial difficulty include:

  • Injury or illness
  • Unemployment
  • Relationship separation
  • Natural disaster
  • Reduction of income

Our Financial Assist Team considers every request for assistance on an individual basis and will work with you to develop a solution tailored to your circumstances.



How we approach your request

Our Financial Assist Team considers every request for assistance on an individual basis. If you are having difficulty making a repayment, we will work with you to find a solution tailored to your circumstances.

Our aim is to support financial rehabilitation and long-term affordability for our customers. Most often our customers simply need temporary assistance, including a review of their financial commitments, to get them through difficult times.


Temporary assistance

Financial Assistance Solutions Team

Call us for Temporary assistance

Call us

13 30 95

Fax us for Temporary assistance

Fax us

02 9151 8258

Write to us for Temporary assistance

Write to us

PO Box 790 Parramatta NSW 2124

Ongoing assistance

Call our Financial Assist Team

Call us

Call us

Call 1300 720 814, 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm Saturday

Fax us

Fax us

02 9841 6670

Write to us

Write to us

P.O. Box 9823 Parramatta NSW 2150

You may want to contact us directly or appoint a third party nominated representative or advocate, such as a financial counsellor:

You may want to review any insurance policies you have with CommInsure to see if you have financial cover:

More information

Documents you may need

  • Personal Money Plan to support your application, which outlines the details of your financial position including income and expenses. Read our FAQs.
  • A medical certificate
  • A letter from your employer (if applicable)
  • Pay slips
  • A Centrelink statement
  • A letter from your accountant
  • Bank statements for the past three months

Our legal obligations

In accordance with our obligations under the National Credit Code, the Code of Banking Practice and the Government’s Hardship Principles, our Financial Assist Team will review all requests within seven days from receiving them. We’ll provide a written response outlining the terms of our assistance, including the details of an appropriate solution tailored to your circumstances and the period of assistance.



Available solutions

Our Financial Assist Team will work with you to assess your situation and offer solutions tailored to your needs and financial well being. We will help to develop a suitable repayment plan. Depending on your circumstances, solutions may include:

  • Reduced payments for a period
  • Extension of a loan term
  • Debt restructure
  • Debt refinance
  • Concessions for certain fees and charges


Emergency Assistance Package

At CommBank, our customers are at the centre of everything we do and we look for ways to support our local communities in times of need. In the event of a natural disaster, our Financial Assist Team offers immediate financial relief for impacted customers with our Emergency Assistance Package:

  • We extend our hours of availability to offer specialised support to customers directly and indirectly affected by disaster
  • We offer payment deferment to impacted customers, waiving the immediate need to maintain repayments
  • We waive certain fees and charges
  • We consider requests for additional loans (including emergency credit limit increases) when customers can meet additional repayments without added financial difficulty
  • Our CommInsure team fast-tracks claims for customers seeking help through their home and contents insurance
  • We offer loan restructuring assistance for business customers with existing loans, without incurring the usual Bank establishment fees


Frequently asked questions

1. Is this a free service?

Yes, for CommBank customers. Fees and charges payable according to your contract may continue to apply.

2. How long can I receive assistance?

We assess each request on a case-by-case basis to provide a solution appropriate to your personal circumstances.

3. How long will it take to hear back from the bank?

We will contact you within 7 days of receipt of your request. We’ll provide a written response outlining the terms of our assistance, including the details of an appropriate solution tailored to your circumstances and the period of assistance.

4. Will recovery action continue?

If your request for financial assistance is approved and the terms of your assistance are maintained, further recovery action is suspended.

5. Will my credit rating be affected?

Financial assistance is not likely to impact your credit rating.

6. Can I nominate someone else to talk to the Bank on my behalf?

Yes, with your approval we can discuss your request for assistance with your nominated representative, such as a financial counsellor.

7. What happens if my application is denied?

We will write to you to advise you of the decline.


8. What happens when my financial assistance ends?

The Financial Assist Team is committed to the rehabilitation of your financial position. The solutions we offer are designed to achieve the long-term affordability of your financial commitments.

9. What are my rights?

There are three key frameworks that govern how we can provide hardship assistance to you:

1. The National Credit Code (schedule to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009)

2. The Code of Banking Practice

3. The Australian Government’s hardship principles.

If you’re not satisfied with the support we have provided, you have the right to lodge a complaint with us and with other parties. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is an independent complaints scheme that is free to bank customers. It’s important to approach the FOS only after you’ve tried to resolve things with us, as FOS won’t deal with your dispute unless you’ve first given us the chance to put things right. For more information, visit or call 1300 780 808.

10. Can you provide further information and useful links?

To find out more about your rights and other options, you may want to contact: