What’s financial wellbeing?

  • Defining financial wellbeing

    Through a 12-month research partnership with the University of Melbourne (PDF), we’ve defined financial wellbeing as your ability to:

    • Meet your financial obligations e.g. pay bills and expenses
    • Freely make choices that allow you to enjoy life e.g. take regular holidays
    • Control your finances e.g. avoid unnecessary fees and charges
    • Feel secure about your future obligations e.g. make choices that enable you to put away money for the future
  • Why it’s important to you

    Knowing your financial wellbeing means you can take steps to improve it. By completing our short survey you’ll discover:

    • How well you’re managing your everyday expenses
    • Whether you’re in a strong position to handle unexpected financial emergencies
    • If you’re doing enough to set yourself up for the future
    • Steps you could take to improve your financial wellbeing

Discover your financial wellbeing

Our survey is a set of 10 simple questions

The questions get you thinking about your recent and past financial experiences relating to financial freedom, choice and control. And how you’d respond to those same experiences if you were financially challenged.

You’ll get a financial wellbeing score of between 1 and 100. This will help you to determine if financially you’re having trouble, simply getting by, comfortable, or in a good position.

You'll also receive some simple steps to improve your financial wellbeing. You must be 18 or over to participate.

Screenshot of mobile phone showing a financial wellbeing score of 68 out of 100

Things you should know

  • The Financial Wellbeing survey was developed in partnership with the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research and the Department of Finance at the University of Melbourne.

    Read more on our partnership: