What's Open Banking?

Open Banking gives you greater control of your banking data. It was introduced after the Australian Government passed legislation, called the Consumer Data Right. It means you can share your external data with us and share your CommBank data with accredited organisations. 

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Benefits of Open Banking

Open Banking could change the way you compare products and services between organisations, and make it easier for you to find better deals. It could also mean access to new features and services to help you manage your finances.

Data sharing

  • Share your data from NAB and Westpac with us

    • See your accounts from other banks in the CommBank app and get a better view of your financial position
    • Less switching between apps and logging on to different sites to check your balance
    • Data you share with us is protected by CommBank security

    Data sharing will only be available to some of our customers to start with. We’re working on offering it to all customers.

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  • Share your CommBank data with accredited organisations

    • Access products and services from other organisations (like budgeting tools)
    • Peace of mind knowing your data is protected by high security standards
    • Easy to set up and stop sharing any time

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Our Consumer Data Right policy 

  • Our Consumer Data Right policy describes what data will be available for you to share, how to share your CommBank data, what we do with the data we collect and how to make a complaint.

    Download our Consumer Data Right policy (PDF)

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