How it works in NetBank and the CommBank app

If you're an individual customer or sole trader, provide your consent on the website or app of the accredited organisation or provider you want to share your CommBank data with first. You’ll then be taken securely to CommBank so you can easily set up data sharing. Here’s a snapshot of the steps:

If you're a business customer, you'll need to set up a data sharing delegate first in Netbank or CommBiz.

Enter the mobile number you’ve registered and we’ll send you a One Time Password. We may ask you for the last 4 digits of your NetBank ID to help us identify you.

Go to your notifications in the CommBank app or check your NetBank inbox and enter the password.

If you don’t receive it, call 13 2221.

Choose the accounts you’d like to share. If a joint account is enabled for data sharing, you’ll be able to select it, otherwise you’ll need to enable it first (see below).

Review the details and confirm you'd like to share. We’ll take you securely back to the accredited organisation you started on.

Setting up data sharing delegates

Enabling a joint account for data sharing 

  • Joint accounts are already set up for data sharing and you won’t need approval from other account holders to share with accredited organisations and providers (unless you or any other account holder disabled your account for data sharing).

    You can change your data sharing preferences or stop sharing at any time. If you choose to disable your account, you and all other account holders will need to approve and re-enable it for data sharing.

    To enable data sharing:

    1. Go to Settings, Manage data sharing, Open Banking data sharing then Joint account sharing preferences. Choose the joint account you want to share and enable sharing
    2. We’ll send your other joint account holder a message asking them to approve or decline your request
    3. If they approve, your joint account will be enabled and you can select it from the list of accounts eligible for data sharing

Who can share data and what accounts are available?

  • To be eligible for data sharing, individuals or sole traders must:

    To be eligible for data sharing, businesses must:  

    If you’re having trouble data sharing, call 13 2221.


  • If you’re eligible, you can now share some of your customer details, account information and transaction history for these CommBank accounts:

    • Credit cards
    • Deposit and transaction accounts
    • Offset accounts
    • Home loans and personal loans
    • Overdrafts
    • Lines of credit 
    • Business and asset finance
    • Foreign currency accounts
    • Margin loans and investment loans
    • Trust accounts


View or manage data sharing

  • You can view details or stop sharing any time by going to Settings, Manage data sharing then Open Banking data sharing

    To request your data sharing records under the Consumer Data Right, call 13 2221.

Your privacy and security

  • Sharing with accredited organisations and providers

    Organisations accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission can collect and use your data with your consent. You can also consent to share your CommBank data with providers who will collect it from an accredited organisation. Accredited organisations must adhere to high security standards. CommBank is an accredited organisation.

    See a list of accredited organisations

  • Protection for unauthorised transactions

    We’ll protect you from losses due to unauthorised transactions on personal and business accounts when you take the necessary steps to stay safe online

  • Protecting your privacy

    Data that leaves CommBank is no longer managed by us. See the accredited organisation’s Consumer Data Right Policy for details on how they manage your data. To learn more about how we handle your data, see our Privacy Policy.

Data sharing capabilities on their way

These are the data sharing capabilities we're working on that will be available for you soon.

Expected availability
CBA, CommBiz, and Bankwest – ‘Get Metrics’ version 5  – data latency within some authorisation metric fields

A data latency issue is affecting some fields within the authorisation metric, which are shared with the ACCC as part of the ‘Get Metrics’ version 5 administration endpoint.
31 July 2024
CBA – Some products require enablement of data sharing

Additional products will be made available for data sharing. Rectification plans will be provided once available.
To be confirmed – update to be provided when available.
CBA – Data sharing delegate indication rules

Customers will also be able to stop data sharing set up by their delegates on an ADR basis. Currently customers can only stop data sharing for delegates on an individual consent basis.
To be confirmed – update to be provided when available.

To learn more, check the CDR rectification schedule.