Features & benefits

  • Safe and secure

    We’ve been providing our customers with secure storage solutions for over 100 years.

    As Australia’s largest bank1, we utilise state-of-the-art security measures, as well as robust identification processes, to ensure your documents and valuables are kept safe and secure at all times.

  • Easy and unlimited access

    With our Safe Custody Packets and Vaults, you’re entitled to unlimited free access to your facility Monday to Friday, during the opening hours of your branch.

Safe Custody Packets

  • What are they used for?

    Sometimes, you may need to store important documents securely, outside of your home.

    Safe Custody Packets let you store these important documents – such as Wills, deeds, birth certificates, marriage certificates, pre-nuptial agreements and Power of Attorney (POA) documents – safely and securely at one of our branches. 

  • How much do they cost?

    For our current fees, see our Safe Custody Facility Annual Fee & Charges.

    All fees must be paid via Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) from an eligible CommBank account. Your first annual fee is due upfront. 

  • Which branches offer Safe Custody Packets?

    Most of our branches offer Safe Custody Packets, but space is limited.

    Visit your local branch to find out if they offer a Safe Custody facility, and their availability.

Safe Custody Vaults

  • What are they used for?

    Safe Custody Vaults let you store your important documents and valuables – such as jewellery, bullion, heirlooms and data storage devices – safely and securely, outside of your home.

  • How much do they cost?

    There are a wide range of vault sizes available to suit your needs.  

    For our current fees, see our Safe Custody Facility Annual Fee & Charges.

    All fees must be paid via Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) from an eligible CommBank account. Your first annual fee is due upfront.

  • Which branches offer Safe Custody Vaults?

    You’ll find Safe Custody Vaults at the branches listed below. Each of these branches have different vault sizes available.

    To find what's available, visit a branch from the list below:

Safe Custody Vault branches 

Branch location
  • 48 Martin Place, Sydney, 2000
  • 120 Pitt Street, Sydney, 2000
  • 197 Oxford Street Bondi Junction, 2022
  • 210 Burwood Road, Burwood, 2134
  • 431- 439 Sussex Street Chinatown, 2000
  • Shop 2, 64 The Corso Manly 2095
  • 116 Miller Street North Sydney 2060
  • 443 Victoria Ave Chatswood 2067
  • 235 Church Street Parramatta 2150
  • 141 - 145 Crown Street Wollongong 2500
  • Shop 11, Lyrique Lane, 22 Wolfe Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
  • 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne
  • 96-102 Malop Street Geelong 3220
  • King George Square, 79 Adelaide Street Brisbane 4000
  • 462 Ruthven Street Toowoomba 4350
  • 96 King William Street Adelaide 5000
  • 95 William Street Perth 6000
  • 3 Queen Street Fremantle 6160
  • 185 City Walk, Canberra 2600
  • 109 Liverpool Street Hobart 7000

How to apply

General FAQs

Yes – if you’re unable to visit a branch, providing an authority to someone to manage your financial affairs on your behalf can enable them to access your Safe Custody facility on your behalf.

You can read more about account authorities

Our staff at your chosen Safe Custody Vault branch can help with organising a locksmith for access and lock repairs to your vault, securely on your behalf.

You need to visit a branch to update your details in relation to your Safe Custody facility – your details can only be updated in-branch.

When you’re able to, please visit the branch where the Safe Custody facility is located, and notify one of our staff that your loved one has passed away.

When someone passes away, we can only share their account information with their estate’s executor, administrator, or next of kin.

We’ll need to see original or certified copies of the documents below in-branch to confirm your relationship to your loved one:

  • Executor: The deceased’s Will or grant of probate
  • Administrator: Letters of Administration
  • Next of kin: Death Certificate (only in cases where there’s no Will)

You’ll also need to provide acceptable identification documents, whether or not you’re a CommBank customer.

For more information on how we can support you through this difficult time, please visit our deceased estates page.

We may contact you from time to time to confirm your details are up-to-date, to give you important updates about your facility, or when you haven’t used your Safe Custody facility in some time.

When communicating with you about your facility, we’ll never ask for your banking information like your Client ID, password, or NetCode, or include a link to log on directly from an email or SMS. Always type commbank.com.au into a browser, or use the CommBank app to securely access your banking.

Latest Terms and Conditions changes FAQs

At CommBank, we’re always trying to find ways to make things simpler for our customers. This includes how we communicate important information about our products. Having a single set of Terms and Conditions for our Safe Custody Packets and Safe Custody Vaults means you can find everything you need to know about our Safe Custody facilities in the one place.

The main changes to the Terms and Conditions are listed below:.

  • Providing for new eligibility criteria when opening a new Facility (see ‘2.2: Safe Custody Facility eligibility criteria’).
  • Updating CommBank's rights to refuse access to, suspend, or terminate a Safe Custody Facility (see ‘2.3: Breach of laws/refusal of service’ and '3.5 Access restrictions').
  • Providing for when CommBank can access and/or transfer the contents of a Safe Custody Facility (see ‘3.3: When we can access a Safe Custody Facility' and '3.7: Transferring the contents of a Safe Custody Facility').
  • Providing for when Authorised Third Parties can access the contents of a Safe Custody Facility (see ‘3.4: Access by Authorised Third Parties’).
  • Providing for requirements on what can and cannot be stored in a Safe Custody Facility, including a new right for CommBank to remove and deal with prohibited contents (see '2.5: What you cannot store in a Safe Custody Facility').
  • Introducing new rights for CommBank to deal with any contents of Safe Custody Facilities that remain uncollected after the required time, or where CommBank cannot contact the customer, including permitting CommBank to decide on appropriate disposal methods. For current customers who are no longer contactable, CommBank will comply with the applicable law for the disposal of uncollected goods (see '5.3 Uncollected contents').
  • Updating CommBank's liability when providing a Safe Custody Facility, including where CommBank makes an error. This means we, may make corrective adjustments without affecting any other customer's rights (see '6: Our liability').
  • Updated provisions on when and how CommBank may change the Terms and Conditions (see new '7.1: How we let you know about changes') and how CommBank will communicate with customers, including when a notice will be taken to have been received (see '8.1: Communicating with you').
  • Updates to help CommBank prevent and combat Financial Abuse (see ‘2.3: Breach of laws/refusal of service’, ‘3.5: Access restrictions’, ‘3.6: Giving instructions to the Bank’, ‘5.1: Your rights to terminate the Agreement’ and ‘5.2: Our rights to terminate the Agreement’).
  • Removing the reference to Banking Code of Practice, as the Code is not intended to apply to non-financial products or services such as the Safe Custody Facilities.

If you are not happy with any changes and do not wish to accept them, please visit the branch where your facility is located and close your facility.

The latest version of the Terms and Conditions were issued on 14 August 2023 and apply to all customers who open a Safe Custody Facility on or after 14 August 2023.

For customers who opened their Safe Custody Facility before 14 August 2023, the new Terms and Conditions will come into effect from 13 September 2023.

You can view the full Terms and Conditions below, under ‘Things you should know’. 

Things you should know

    • 1 By Market Capitalisation at November 2018, ASX Market Capitalisation
    • View Safe Custody Facility Terms and Conditions for full terms and conditions.
    • View Safe Custody Annual Fee & Charges for the current pricing sheet.
    • Non-standard envelopes and Safe Custody boxes are no longer available for sale. Customers who currently hold these facilities will be charged based on applicable fees
    • Documents should only be stored in Safe Custody envelopes. All other items need to be stored in Vault.
    • Cash shouldn’t be stored (this excludes Commemorative coins, and precious metals e.g. gold bullion).
    • Liquids shouldn’t be stored.
    • Illegal or Illicit items shouldn’t be stored – this includes collectors’ guns, knives and drugs.
    • Dangerous or flammable items shouldn’t be stored.
    • Guests/visitors shouldn’t enter the secure area with you when you’re accessing your facility, unless they’re children under 18.
    • All fees must be paid via Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) from an eligible CBA bank account. Eligible accounts include
      • Streamline Basic, 
      • Smart Access, 
      • Society Cheque Account, 
      • Private Banking Account, 
      • Business Transaction Account, 
      • Standard Business Cheque Account (Interest Bearing), 
      • Standard Business Cheque Account (Non-Interest Bearing), 
      • Cheque Account (Interest Bearing), 
      • Cheque Account (Non-Interest Bearing), 
      • Complete Access, 
      • Everyday Offset, 
      • Pensioner Security Account.