Interest Rates

Standard variable interest rates

Interest rate (p.a.)
Standard Business Cheque Account
Less than $100,000
Standard Business Cheque Account
$100,000 and over

Interest is calculated monthly based on your minimum monthly balance1 and paid on the first day of the following month. Different rates of interest apply to different parts of your account balance. The interest paid on the part of your balance between $0 and $100,000 may be different from the interest paid on balances $100,000 and above. For current rates, see the table above.


Fee type
Monthly Account Fee
Included assisted transactions, cheques and Quick Deposits.
0 included
Electronic transactions2
Commonwealth Bank ATM deposits or transfers in Australia; EFTPOS cash withdrawals or purchases in Australia; Direct Entry debit or credit or periodical payment; transfers or payments made via NetBank and telephone banking.
Commonwealth Bank ATM cash withdrawals in Australia
Quick Deposits
Deposits made via the Quick Deposit Box or QuickCash envelope banking.
$10.00 each
Cheque transactions
Cheques written by you and negotiated through the clearing system. Cheques deposited to your account (including cheques deposited via Quick Deposits or QuickCash envelope banking).
$5.00 each
Assisted transactions
Deposits made over the counter at a CommBank branch, Australia Post office or private agency (including EFTPOB/ Bank@Post). Withdrawals made over the counter at a CommBank branch, Australia Post office or private agency (including EFTPOB/ Bank@Post). Cheques drawn on your account and cashed over the- counter at any CommBank branch. Withdrawals or transfers made via telephone banking using an operator.
$5.00 each
Paper Statements Fee
Charged when you choose to receive paper statements more frequently than the standard cycle as set out in your terms and conditions.
Ad Hoc Paper Statement Fee
Charged when you order a statement or request a reprint of a past statement.
Non-chargeable transactions
(Transactions which do not attract transaction fees)
Debits for Bank and Government charges
Daily merchant reconciliation from Commonwealth Bank EFTPOS facility
Bank initiated transactions
If we allow you to overdraw your account or exceed your agreed Overdraft limit, you may incur an Overdraw Fee.
Excess Debit Interest on Overdrawn accounts
For each day your account remains overdrawn, Excess Debit Interest will be applied. This does not apply to accounts with an overdraft limit.
17.43% p.a
Excess Drawing Rate on Overdraft facilities
If we allow you to exceed your Overdraft limit, the Excess Drawing Rate will apply for each day your limit is exceeded (excluding Simple Business Overdraft).
17.43% p.a
Temporary Excess Fees

Things you should know

  • 1 Minimum monthly balance: the minimum balance held in the account during a month at any given time.
    2 Excludes non-Commonwealth Bank ATMs here and all ATMs overseas, EFTPOS transactions overseas, transfer group payments to third parties, international money transfers and separate services such as bank cheques, periodic payments and transfers/deposits to other banks. Separate fees apply to transactions made via NetBank/CommBiz. Wholesale relationship managed customers may be notified at any time that their account is subject to transaction fees on electronic transactions and Commonwealth ATM cash withdrawals. Please refer to our Business Transaction and Savings Account Terms and Conditions for details on how transactions are ranked and ordered.

    View CommBank Business Transaction & Savings Accounts Terms and Conditions and our Financial Services Guide and consider them before making any decision about these products. This advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on the advice, please consider if it’s right for you. Bank fees and charges may apply.

    The target market for this product will be found within the product’s Target Market Determination, available here.

    Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Different rates may apply for deposits lodged by financial institutions. Full terms and conditions are available on application. Bank and Government charges may apply.