How it works

  • A virtual card works just like a normal credit card, except instead of a physical card, you get a single-purpose virtual card number for each situation. Virtual cards provide a secure way of making payments. You can restrict their use to a single transaction, limited date range, dollar value, or use by particular merchants.

    CommBank offers virtual cards that can be used for travel or procurement.

Virtual Card for Travel

  • A Virtual Card for Travel lets your staff or contractors book and pay for travel through a travel management company without needing a corporate credit card or a charge back process. Each time someone books travel, the travel management company automatically generates a single-use, unique card number and links it back to your account.

  • Benefits for your business

    Simplify reconciliation

    • Traveller data is captured up front during the booking process, speeding up invoicing and reconciliation
    • Reduces the need for travellers to put expenses on their own cards and claim it back from the business

    Greater transparency for reporting

    Enhanced & custom travel data including flight path, reason for travel and staff ID

    Control and security for your business

    A Virtual Card for Travel has a limited life, a maximum number of transactions, a set value that covers the traveller's expenses and limits the use to certain types of merchants such as hotels

Virtual Cards for Procurement

  • A single-purpose virtual card number is generated as required. You can use it to pay for specific transactions securely, over the phone, online or by providing the card details to the supplier. We can help you determine which suppliers can accept virtual cards. 

  • Benefits for your business

    Streamline your payments

    • Securely pay suppliers via card
    • Transition EFT suppliers to card
    • Replace existing cheque payments with a virtual card
    • Move recurring payments from existing employee corporate cards so your payments aren’t tied to individual staff

    Control and security for your business

    • Defined date ranges, a nominated number of transactions, limited values, and the ability to decide which merchants can transact on the card
    • Requests for new cards to be created are approved by nominated approvers

    Financial benefits

    • Working capital benefit via extended payment terms, providing flexibility in managing cash flow
    • Cost savings via process efficiencies
    • Potentially improved trade terms through early supplier payment

    Efficiency benefits

    • Faster processing times
    • Integrate with your finance system to automatically generate your virtual cards
    • Reconciliation can be automated with custom data captured upfront
    • Single account to be reconciled regardless of how many cards are issued

    Benefits for your suppliers

    • By paying invoices on virtual card, your suppliers can receive funds more quickly, as payment can be taken immediately on delivery 


  • Virtual cards are suitable for medium to large businesses that are existing relationship managed clients or qualify to be relationship managed. 

How to apply

  • To open a virtual card account, speak to your relationship manager. 

Things you should know

  • Applications for finance are subject to the Bank’s normal credit approval. Full terms and conditions include the Current Terms and Conditions for Business Finance, as well as any other terms in our Letter of Offer. Bank fees and charges may apply. This advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on the advice, please consider its appropriateness to your circumstances.

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