How does it work?



Perhaps your clients have additional finance needs? We can also check clients you’ve already introduced.



Make contact with the client. Once they consent, send a referral to our Commercial Connect team.



We’ll then contact the client and set them up with what they need.



We pay you a referral fee. It’s important to tell your client this. 

Benefits for brokers

You’ll receive a referral fee for each completed sale helping you grow your business.

Meet your client’s needs through our products, services and industry expertise.

Products for referral

  • BetterBusiness Loan
  • Market Rate Loan
  • Business Overdraft
  • Trade finance letters of credit
  • Bank guarantee


  • Finance Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Hire purchase
  • Equipment Loan
  • Novated Lease
  • Fleet leasing and management
  • Technology and Healthcare finance

  • EFTPOS facilities
  • Business Card
  • Cheque account
  • Premium business account

  • Home and building
  • Investment home
  • Contents
  • Car

  • Interest rate swaps and options
  • Life
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Income protection

  • Business Online Saver

  • Margin loans
  • Protected loans

What you should know

  • Tell your clients you may receive a fee and the amount. Do this when asking for permission to refer
  • Keep client and CommBank business information confidential. Only give confidential information with our written agreement
  • Be honest and upfront in all of your dealings with your clients.
  • Give your clients advice about CommBank products or make any statement that may influence them to sign up for any of our products
  • Act as if you represent the Bank or have the authority to enter into binding contracts on behalf of the Bank
  • Become involved in negotiations or disputes with your clients, unless authorised by us
  • Change any promotional material we give you.

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