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Send funds overseas as electronic payments to over 200 countries.

  • Payment is sent electronically as cleared funds
  • Funds are received by our partner banks overseas within minutes

Receive money from overseas electronically direct into your account.

Receive payment as a foreign currency cheque.

  • Get funds into your accounts quickly
  • Choose one of two ways to deposit cheques

Minimise the impact of adverse currency movement and simplify international transactions.

  • Choose from 15 major global currencies
  • Manage online in CommBiz

Tailored solutions that create opportunity for your business while minimising risk.

  • Range includes spot exchanges, forward foreign exchanges
  • Also investment products

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International trade guide

International trade offers exciting opportunities to expand your business, but it can be complex. To make it easier, we have centralised all the information you need in our international business section.

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Foreign Exchange Risk Management Solutions

See how we could help you protect your business from the highs and lows of foreign currency exchange.

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Regional & Agribusiness banking

For over 100 years, we've helped Australian farms and regional businesses with our specialised insights, innovative technology and product solutions.

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Investor Centre

Information on our securities, financial results, announcements, sustainability reporting, and other disclosures.

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