About exporter financing options

Foreign bills negotiated

  • Provides access to short-term finance in the currency of the export documentation
  • Available to exporters who use the documentary collection payment method and have an approved trade finance facility
  • Reduces foreign exchange risk by borrowing the foreign currency of the invoice and immediately converting the loan proceeds to local currency
  • Exporters may also benefit from cheaper foreign currency interest rates  

Trade advance

  • Provides short-term finance for export transactions
  • Helps exporters obtain the finance needed to provide goods or services to buyers 

Australian dollar trade advance

  • A fixed term, fixed interest rate loan available in Australian dollars (AUD)
  • Exporters can be paid either in AUD or a foreign currency
  • Suited to medium-value, quickly settled transactions 

Foreign currency trade advance

  • A fixed term, fixed interest rate loan generally provided in the exporter’s currency
  • Suited to medium-value, quickly settled transactions 

Without recourse export finance

  • Offers advance payment to lenders  irrespective of whether the issuing bank or buyer makes final payment
  • Lets exporters supplement cash flow, free up other loan facilities and remove debtors from the balance sheet
  • The negotiating bank assumes the credit and transfer risk (normally assumed by the exporter) when it agrees to grant finance without recourse 

Trade finance facility

  • Helps exporters meet cash-flow shortages arising from a timing gap between making and receiving payments
  • Allows one or more financing options to be incorporated into a single package 

Insured export finance

  • A loan or series of loans held against an exporter’s receivables
  • Loans are secured by a trade credit insurance policy assigned to CommBank
  • Loans are drawn down on the presentation of a request, an invoice and proof of shipment (e.g., Bill of Lading)
  • Provides fixed interest rate loans in the currency of sales 

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