Scammers are targeting CommBiz users

  • It's crucial to stay scam aware. If we call you to verify payments, we will: 

    • Never ask you to load a website or click on Live Chat
    • Never ask you for your security token code or security token
    • Never ask you to initiate a payment or to get a second approver to authorise payments
    • Never ask you to give remote access to your computer

    If someone calls and asks for this, even if they claim to be a representative from the Bank, hang up immediately. If you think you've been a victim of a scam call the CommBiz Help Desk 24/7 on 13 2339.

Features & benefits

  • Advanced security

    • CommBiz provides essential protection for your business so you can bank with confidence
    • Login and payment protection with two-factor authentication 
    • Customise user controls, access and permissions
    • Audit user activity using built in reports and capabilities

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  • Real-time cash flow control

    • No transaction limits
    • Set priority same-day payments
    • Clearly separate business accounts
    • Access BPAY and direct debit payments as a biller
  • Comprehensive user functionality

    • A single portal for multiple users
    • Built-in transaction approval workflow
    • Add new user access
    • Manage corporate cards and issue new PINs
  • Online statements

    • Online real-time balances and transaction history
    • See online statements for transaction accounts, credit cards and merchant terminals
    • Access 15 months of billing activity summaries
  • Manage domestic & international activity

    • Register for CommBiz Global Trade to issue trade instructions and view transaction details
    • Create and manage foreign exchange including spot, forward exchange contracts and international transfers using International Payments & FX
  • CommBiz Mobile

    • View account balances, authorise payments, transfer funds between linked accounts or pay address book contacts on your smartphone

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Built-in insights & tools

Daily IQ

Get insights about your business to help you optimise cash flow, enhance performance and grow customers.

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Tax time

Learn how your CommBiz Service can do some of the work for you at tax time.

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Customised international business features

  • International Payments & FX

    • Make foreign exchange (FX) bulk settlements
    • Upload up to 200 transactions in multiple currency pairs
    • For businesses that make a minimum of AUD$250,000 foreign exchange transactions a year

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  • CommBiz Global Trade

    • A consolidated, real-time view of your import and export finances, foreign exchange and cash management position
    • Issue trade transaction details and instructions

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How to apply

If you’re a CommBank customer, you can apply online now. Alternatively, talk to your Relationship Manager or visit your local CommBank branch.   

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