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Daily IQ

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Daily IQ is a business intelligence toolkit which leverages your daily transaction data to draw valuable insights on your business and customers. It features three modules containing a mix of modelling tools and calculators:

Customer Module
Discover customer demographics, new vs repeat customers and spending patterns. To help develop more effective communication strategies and identify potential new targets and markets.

Performance Module
Quickly see how your different sites are performing. View sales by day and time so you can optimise your staffing and opening hours.

Cash Flow Module
A working capital calculator and cash balance tracking tools can assist you with optimising your cash flow.

It is available to selected business customers via CommBiz and NetBank at no charge.

Logon now via CommBiz or NetBank

What Daily IQ can do for you

Daily IQ leverages your daily transaction data to draw valuable insights on your business' performance and operations.

  • Customers: Who are your customers? Are you targeting the right people? Daily IQ gives you a view of the types of customers that are the most valuable, how much they spend and the areas in which they live, so you know which tactics to use to improve sales.
  • Site sales: Are some of your sites/stores performing better than others? Do your sales spike at a particular time of the day or year? With Daily IQ, you can quickly see how different sites are performing. You can also see sales by day and time so you can optimise your staffing and opening hours.
  • Cash flow: Does your business income fluctuate throughout the year? Daily IQ helps you quickly track your cash balance so you can understand opportunities in your cash flow. You can also assess the effectiveness of your working capital and its impact on cash.

What you need to get started

To log on via CommBiz, select the Daily IQ tab that appears on the top menu bar of your service.

If you do not have a log on for CommBiz, your administrator will be able to set you up with this. Not a CommBiz customer? Apply online or call us on 13 23 39.

In CommBiz existing account permissions apply to the data displayed in Daily IQ.

The account administrator can change permissions at any time.

How to change Daily IQ Permissions

  1. Go to Admin > Users and search for a user
  2. Click the User ID and then Daily IQ tab to view Daily IQ permissions
  3. Click Edit to change permissions
  4. Select / deselect Daily IQ module checkboxes to manage permissions and
  5. Click Save

For more information on managing Daily IQ permissions, refer to Help under the Daily IQ tab.

To access Daily IQ in NetBank, simply log on, hover on View Accounts and select Daily IQ.

Not a NetBank customer? Apply online or call today on 13 1998.

Daily IQ is not optimised for iPads or mobile devices.

Important information

Daily IQ has been prepared as a research tool for general informational purposes only and should not be relied on to make business decisions or for account reconciliation. The information may be incomplete or not up to date and may contain errors and omissions. Any projections and forecasts are based on a number of assumptions and estimates, including future events and contingencies, which may be inaccurate.

Commonwealth Bank takes its responsibility to protect the privacy of its clients very seriously and applies strict security and privacy controls to the way it handles information. This has been applied to Daily IQ.

Daily IQ Customer data is designed for Commonwealth Bank merchants desiring a better understanding of credit card and EFTPOS card sales through their merchant terminals. Daily IQ displays where and when the sales are occurring across your business. Daily IQ uses transactions processed via Commonwealth Bank merchant terminals.