CommBank partnership with More

The offer

Sign up using your CommBank credit or debit card and enter a valid ABN before 31 December 2022 to receive 30% off your phone and nbn™ bill for the first 12 months with no contract.* Free phone hardware & nbn™ modem also available if you sign up for a 24 month contract.**

The partnership

We’re proud to partner with Australian-owned companies that provide better outcomes for our customers and the community, such as More nbn™ and phone services. More are a forward-thinking, customer-focused provider of internet and phone plans that can get your household or business connected and help you save money. 

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Features & benefits

  • Business phone plans

    Get 30% off your business phone plans for the first 12 months.

  • Business hardware**

    If you sign up for a 24 month contract, phone hardware & nbn modem is included with an average saving of $2,300.***

  • Business priority service

    Business specific service to ensure your business has the support it needs.

  • Business nbn™ plans

    Get 30% off your business nbn™ plans for the first 12 months.

Why make the switch?

    • Enjoy competitive nbn™ prices exclusively for CommBank customers
    • Get fast and reliable internet speeds up to 205 Mbps depending on your plan
    • Choose from 4 nbn™ plans for business use
    • Get tech support 7 days a week with More’s extended customer service hours
    • Enjoy competitive business phone plan pricing exclusively for CommBank Business customers
    • Benefit from free business hardware for CommBank Business customers**
    • Get priority support as a CommBank Business customer

Introducing More

More is an Australian-owned, forward-thinking company that specialises in nbn™ and mobile plans.

Partly owned by CommBank, their nbn™ services will be integrated into the CommBank app over time enabling you to self-manage your internet plans. 

More Telecom logo

Fast internet for your business

Choose from four different plans depending on your needs

Standard Speed

  • Suitable for up to 3 users or casual usage
  • Typical speeds of 25Mbps

XL Speed Boost

  • Suitable for 4+ users or moderate usage
  • Typical evening speeds of 50Mbps

XXL Speed Boost

  • Suitable for larger businesses or heavy usage
  • Typical evening speeds of 92Mbps

XXXL Speed Boost

  • Their fastest internet connection
  • Typical evening speeds of 205Mpbs
  • Available to FTTP & selected HFC addresses only

Choose your modem or phone system

  • Modem

    For nbn™, you can use an existing modem if you have one and save money, or buy a Wifi router from More when you sign up for an nbn™ plan.

    If you sign up for a 24 month contract you could be eligible for a free nbn™ modem.**

  • Phone

    For phone systems, if you sign up without a contract, there is a wide range of options to choose from. If you sign up for a 24 month contract you could be eligible for free business phone hardware.**

How to apply

  • It’s easy. Simply apply online in minutes and More will switch you over.
    They’ll also send you regular progress updates.


    Visit More website

Things you should know

  • * Offer of 30% off More business nbn™ plan fees or business phone plan fees for 12 months is for customers who sign up to either a 24 month contract or no contract option by 31 December 2022 and use a CommBank Debit or Credit card as their bill payment method. Offer applies individually to each eligible service activated by this date. Offer does not apply to other More services, including business mobile plans, Business Ethernet, Enterprise Ethernet NBN or Business Fibre 1000. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts. 12 months is a promotional period commencing on the day your eligible service is activated. After this, the cost of your plan will revert to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP), which is subject to change and available on the More website. Offer applies to monthly plan fees only and does not apply to any hardware charges not included in the plan, hardware installation charges, nbn™ New Development Fee or New Copper Pair charges or any fees for services or usage outside of plan inclusions.

    ** If you take up a 24-month business nbn™ plan or business phone plan, you will receive a modem and/or handset(s) (as applicable) at no additional cost if you maintain your service for the full 24 month contract period. Supplied hardware is subject to change, see the More website for current information.   If you cancel your service before the end of your 24 month contract, you will incur a $220 (inc. GST) early termination fee. Additionally, you will be charged a hardware non-return fee if supplied hardware is not returned to More within 30 days of early service cancellation. More will provide you with a summary of the fees and charges payable by you at the time of cancelation and information on how, where and by what method to return the hardware.

    *** Total estimated savings on a business with 2 advanced handsets and 3 desktop or cordless handsets, plus the Business modem with 1 satellite and XXL NBN. The estimated savings calculations was undertaken by More. The Commonwealth Bank do not accept any liability for loss or damage arising out of the misrepresentation from savings calculations.

    If you sign up, More will be your service provider for your business nbn™ or phone and will handle all technical enquiries, support, complaints and servicing. The provision of your business nbn™ and/or phone service will be subject to More’s standard terms of service and policies, which are available on the More website. CommBank reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

    More is a partner of CommBank. You should read More’s customer policies before making any decision about their service.

    By clicking on any links directing to the More website and commencing the sign-up process, More will collect and handle your personal information under its collection notices and privacy policy as outlined on its website.

    To contact us, please visit the Contact Us section of our website. To see how we protect your information, view our Privacy Policy.

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124.