Fraudulent activity is on the rise

  • Fraud can happen to any business that accepts debit and credit card payments, and can have a significant financial and reputational impact on your business.

    You and your employees could be considered the first line of defence to detect fraudulent activity – so here’s some information to help protect your business and limit the impact of fraud.

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Preventing fraud before it happens

Help your employees identify and prevent fraud before a sale is made.

Educate your employees about merchant fraud

Help your employees identify and prevent fraud. 

Educate your staff

Understand the risks of certain transactions

Know the risk of certain transactions. 

Explore transaction risk

Safely accept online and over-the-phone payments

Reduce risks on transactions where a card isn’t present. 

Learn about online payment safety

In-store transactions and EFTPOS terminal security 

Check a card’s authenticity before transacting. 

Learn about EFTPOS security

Preventing fraud after a sale

Once a purchase has been made, here’s what to look out for.

How to spot refund fraud

Know how to spot a suspicious refund.

Learn about refund fraud

Understanding chargebacks

Minimise losses from fraudulent and unauthorised payments.

Learn about chargebacks

Ongoing measures

Best practices to protect your business from fraud.

Protect your customers’ information

Simple ways to protect your business and your customers.

Protect customer information

Understand card testing

Set limits and rules to stay in control of your transactions. 

Learn about card testing

Protect from EFTPOS skimming

Know when a terminal is fake or has been tampered with.

Learn about EFTPOS skimming

Stay scam aware

Learn about scams that target businesses

Learn more about scams

Knowing your responsibilities

As a merchant, it’s your responsibility to verify a cardholder is genuine and to validate all cards presented. Your responsibilities are further defined in the Merchant Agreement Terms and Conditions

Here's a quick summary of the key measures you should take to help protect your business against fraud. You must:

  • Protect all account, card and transaction details at all times
  • Protect all login credentials and regularly change passwords to any internet-based merchant facilities, especially when employee access is provisioned/revoked 
  • Ensure the physical security of your terminals
  • Create end-of-day checks to ensure all terminals are accounted for and in working order
  • Let us know of any material changes to your business and staff with access to your merchant facilities as soon as possible
  • Ensure all employees are trained and educated with the appropriate use guides applicable to your terminals or online facilities
  • Ensure all third-party service providers processing, storing or transmitting your credit card payments are certified against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
  • Be vigilant when handling your terminal and ensure it cannot be accessed by a customer

AusPayNet Fraud Mitigation Framework  

  • The AusPayNet Fraud Mitigation Framework applies to anyone accepting card not present (CNP) online sales.

    It sets an industry standard to reduce CNP fraud.

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