Here’s how to keep your business safe

  • Fraud awareness, establishing processes to recognise suspicious activity and applying these fraud mitigating principles will help you to effectively manage your businesses fraud exposure and data security.  

    You can help keep your business safe by: 

    • Learning about the main types of scams that your staff need to be able to recognise, to protect your business from fraudulent activity. Visit our Scams that target businesses page or Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scam Watch page to learn more
    • Train your employees on how to verify cardholders and look out for suspicious transactions 
    • Develop and regularly refresh all employees on transaction handling processes and procedures as per the user guides issued with your merchant facility
    • Create a daily checklist of terminal tampering checks that must be completed daily before opening for business
    • Develop and maintain a secure customer data base to track buying patterns, addresses and customer behaviours
    • Create an ‘approval and order fulfilment’ process for new employees and new customers requesting high value orders