• What this guide's for

    Learn how to add accounts to your CommBiz Service.

  • Why you'd do this

    To manage and transact on your accounts online.

  • What you'll need

    • A Service Administrator
    • Bank account details of any accounts you'd like to add


Add CommBank accounts with simple authorisation rules

    • Log on and go to Admin, Maintenance Requests
    • Choose Add Account(s)
    • Select Add CommBank Accounts

Approve Account Requests online

    • Log on and go to Functions, Account Requests
    • Select the request you wish to approve, you will need your security token
    • Click Approve

    Service Administrators should use the Account Requests dashboard to view, track or cancel requests.

Add non-CommBank accounts or accounts with customised authorisation rules

    • Log on and go to Admin, Maintenance Requests
    • Choose Add Account(s) on the right
    • Select Add accounts, Next
    • Populate the account details and click Add. (To add more than one account, repeat this step.) Next

Add an Electronic Account Authority so you or someone else can authorise payments

    • Tick the box next to the accounts you'd like to add an electronic account authority for and select Define authority
    • View Add an account Electronic Account Authority (opens in a new tab) for step by step instructions
    • Click Next, Confirm

Submit paper Account Requests

    • Print All Documents and seek the appropriate signatures
    • Scan and send to the Bank via email to bankfeed@cba.com.au or send by post to:

      Reply Paid 332
      Silverwater, NSW 2128
  • For non-CommBank accounts 

    • You'll need to print and sign an additional form that should be returned to the Bank of the account you’re adding.
    • Check with the receiving Bank to find out the postal address

Things you should know

  • This guide is published solely for information purposes. As this guide has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances and if necessary seek the appropriate financial advice before acting on information in this guide. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 1234. Call 13 2221 or view our terms and conditions.