What a CommBiz Authoriser can and can't do

  • CommBiz Authorisers are appointed when the CommBiz Service is set up or by a Service Administrator.

    Each account added to CommBiz is set-up with an:

    • Electronic Account Authority (EAA), which defines who can authorise payments for the account, and
    • Electronic Method of Operation (EMOO), which defines how many Authorisers are required to process payments and any payment limits that may apply. 

    Authorisers are given permission, to some or all accounts on a CommBiz Service, to authorise payments and Service Requests in accordance with the Electronic Account Authority (EAA) and Electronic Method of Operation (EMOO).

    CommBiz Authorisers don’t have permission to operate accounts outside CommBiz. For example, they can’t sign cheques or make branch withdrawals.

    Account Signatories don’t automatically have access or authoriser permissions in CommBiz. To give them access, they’ll need to be created as a User, be identified on CommBiz, and then added onto the Electronic Account Authority (EAA) for each account to be able to authorise transactions.

Becoming an Authoriser on CommBiz

  • Before being appointed, you’ll need the following details for all new Authorisers:

    • Full Legal Name as shown on identification documents
    • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
    • Residential Address (not PO box)
    • Contact number
    • BSB/Account Number (if the Authoriser has an account with CBA)
    • Email Address

    There are three ways to appoint an Authoriser:

    a) When registering for CommBiz

    When applying for CommBiz, Authorisers can be nominated to the accounts being added as part of the application process. 

    b) By submitting a Maintenance Request

    On existing Services, an Administrator can appoint existing Users or create new Users as Authorisers by submitting a Maintenance Request. There are 2 Maintenance Requests that an Administrator can submit to appoint Authorisers:

    • Add Account Authority – This lets the Administrator add new accounts to the Service and nominate new or existing Users as Authorisers for the new accounts. 
    • Edit Account Authority – This lets the Administrator add existing or new Users as Authorisers to accounts that are already on the CommBiz Service.

    An Administrator on your Service can refer to our step-by-step User guide ‘Setting Up Electronic Account Authorisers’ for help with creating new Users.

    Account Owners may be required to sign and return CommBiz Account Authority forms, for help completing these forms refer to How do I complete the CommBiz Account Authority form?

    Note - CommBiz Authorisers/Identified users may be required to update their identification when they’re added as:

    • An Authoriser to a new account or new facility
    • Assigned Global Trade Permission on a CommBiz Service

What is an Electronic Account Authority (EAA) and Electronic Method of Operation (EMOO)?

  • The Electronic Account Authority (EAA) determines the people who can authorise payments or requests for accounts linked to a CommBiz Service. 

    The Electronic Method of Operation (EMOO) is the set of rules for how each account will operate on the CommBiz Service, including: 

    • How many Authorisers are required to process the payment (including if there are list rules ); and 
    • Payment limits that may apply to accounts. 

    CommBiz Payments and some Maintenance and Services Requests will follow the EAA and EMOO rules before being processed.

Important information

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