What you'll need

    • An Administrator to turn on the email and SMS alert functionality for your service

Enable or disable email & SMS alerts (for Admins)

  • Select Admin, then Service, Preferences, Caps & Security, Security, and Edit.

    Look for Message Delivery Mediums. You can allow users to opt in to receive messages and notifications by SMS and email. Select or deselect the relevant options, Save, then Confirm.

    If you’re an Admin without a mobile number and email address on your profile, a link to Update my Email Address or Update my Mobile Number will appear top of screen.

Enable bank messages, email & SMS alerts (for Users)

  • Select Admin then My Profile then My Message Preferences. Select the notifications you want to receive.

    Note: To receive SMS alerts, you must have a mobile number listed on your profile, and an email address to receive email notifications. Ask your Administrator to add these to your profile.

Types of notifications

  • Messages

    You can't opt out of bank messages for the following:

    • Payment and request status
    • Product and account notifications
    • Security
  • Enable outstanding authorisation alerts

    You must be an Authoriser to receive these alerts:

    • Transaction awaiting authorisation notification
    • Cut-off time notifications
  • Payment advice alerts

    Bank message and email only:

    • International Payments to overseas or payments involving foreign currency accounts (debit and credit)
    • Payments made in AUD to recipients with Australian bank accounts (debit and credit)

View bank messages

  • Log on to CommBiz, select Inbox (or Functions) then Messages.