• Facility holders, point-of-contacts or card administrators have access privileges to:
    • View statements
    • Order new or replacement cards and PINs
    • Change limits
    • Update cardholder contact details
    • Cancel cards

Set up card administrators

  • In CommBiz, you’ll need to nominate card administrators to manage your facility. Many customers choose their existing point-of-contacts as card administrators.

    Where to start

    First, you'll need to:

    • Link your Corporate card facility to CommBiz. See Adding Accounts for more information on how to do this. When you're asked for an account number, make sure you provide your facility number, which you can find on a recent statement
    • Set up a service delegate to authorise requests

    Add card administrators

    Nominate who can manage your Corporate cards by adding them to a card administrator group with the following steps:

    1. Log on to CommBiz and go to Admin > Maintenance Requests
    2. Go to Card Administrator in the left-hand menu
    3. Go to Create a New Group (or Edit if you already have one set up)
    4. Choose a name for the group
    5. Choose your card administrator(s) from the list of identified CommBiz users. If you need to add a new user or request an ID check for an existing user, see Managing CommBiz Users
    6. Choose which facilities/cards will be managed by the selected card administrator(s)
    7. Go to Save > Confirm
    8. A service delegate needs to authorise the request

Add a new cardholder

  • To add a new cardholder, an administrator will need to take the following steps:
    1. Go to Functions > Service Requests
    2. Go to Order a New Commercial Card in the left-hand menu
    3. Complete all required fields
    4. Go to Submit > Confirm
    5. Print the form and have it signed by the Corporate card facility authorised signatory
    6. Email the completed form to CorpCardEnq@cba.com.au, or to an alternative email address if you’ve been provided one

Manage existing cards

  • Administrators can manage existing cards with the following steps:
    1. Go to Functions > Service Requests
    2. Go to Maintain Existing Commercial Cards in the left-hand menu
    3. Choose the relevant facility number from the list
    4. Go to Search to see all cards attached to the facility
    5. Complete the appropriate fields or check boxes next to the relevant card to:
      - Set a monthly limit
      - Set a transaction limit
      - Order a new PIN (by mail)
      - Re-issue a card
      - Edit contact details
      - Cancel a card
    6. Go to Submit > Confirm > OK
    7. Your request will be assigned to our service teams to review and action
    8. View the status of your request by going to Functions > Service Request Status List


Frequently asked questions

No, but linking to NetBank will mean they can self-service their Corporate card.

By encouraging cardholders to use self-service:

  • They can perform their own card activation quickly
  • They have real-time control over their card, including the ability to lock their card temporarily
  • They can easily change their PIN in the app, eliminating wait time by post or the need to visit a branch
  • They can make payments using digital wallets on their mobile and wearable devices
  • The risk of card fraud is decreased because of the real-time view of pending and completed transactions

Cardholders who don't want to link their Corporate card to a CommBank profile (new or existing) can continue managing their card via our client service teams. 

No, cardholders won't be able to change their credit limit or access any account information belonging to the business. They'll only be able to take the following actions for their linked Corporate card:

  • Activate their card and set their PIN
  • Temporarily lock their card
  • Reset their PIN if they forget it
  • Report their card as lost, stolen or damaged
  • Make payments using digital wallets on their mobile and wearable devices
  • View their transactions
  • Download their statements in NetBank

To manage their card in NetBank, a cardholder needs to have their card linked to a NetBank ID. If your cardholder prefers not to have a NetBank ID, they can continue to get help as they normally do.

No, linking a corporate card to NetBank will not impact the cardholder's net position or their capacity to apply for other products.

Even when existing cardholders have been sufficiently verified to be issued a Corporate card, CommBank requires additional ID verification to take place via our digital platform. This is so we can set up a NetBank profile and subsequently link the Corporate card. Verification is an important part of our security measures to protect customer information.

Cardholders that have an existing NetBank login can simply log on to NetBank when the option is provided while linking a Corporate card.

For cardholders that don't have a NetBank ID, we'll ask them for their:

  • Full name (including any middle names)
  • Date of birth
  • Residency information, including recent addresses
  • Occupation
  • Tax residency information, including their country of residence for tax purposes

For verification, they’ll need to have two valid identification documents handy, such as a driver licence or passport.

If a cardholder has already linked their Corporate card to NetBank and needs to update their name, they’ll need to visit a CommBank branch.

View our Group Privacy Statement, which covers things like:

  • Other ways and reasons we may collect, use or share your personal information
  • How to access your personal information and correct it if it’s wrong
  • How to make a privacy-related complaint (including about our compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles) and how we’ll deal with it
  • How you can contact us

Important information

  • This guide is published solely for information purposes. As this guide has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances and if necessary seek the appropriate financial advice before acting on information in this guide. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 1234. Call 13 2221 or view our terms and conditions