Why you need security tokens

  • To access secure features in CommBiz like authorising transactions or changing settings, you need a CommBiz Security Token.

    There are two types of tokens:

    • eToken
    • GO3

    You won’t need a token if you have permission to View only or View and create.

Types of security tokens

  • eToken

    • Built into the CommBiz app
    • Generates a unique one time password
    • Needs to be registered and is unique to each user
    • Not able to use eToken and a physical token at the same time
  • GO3

    • Simple to use
    • Generates one unique one time password
    • Unique to each user
    • Physical device

Steps to activate your security tokens

  • To activate your eToken

    You’ll need to download the CommBiz app and follow the prompts to activate your eToken and register the app.

    If your CommBiz service hasn’t been set up for eToken, you won’t see the option to activate it. Your service administrator can call the CommBiz helpdesk on 13 2339 to set it up.

  • To activate your G03 physical token 

    • Log on to My Security Centre  
    • Click Activate token  
    • Enter the 10-digit serial number on the back of your token  
    • Click Activate token

How to use




GO3 token

  • Press the yellow button on the front of the token
  • Enter the password into CommBiz when prompted
  • The password will last 30 seconds

Lost, stolen or damaged tokens

  • If your physical security token is lost, stolen or damaged, ask your Administrator to order you a new one.

    Ordering a replacement token

    1. Go to Admin then Users  
    2. Click User Security in the left-hand menu  
    3. Find the user who needs a new security token  
    4. Click the Edit button next to their name  
    5. Click on the Token Provisioning tab  
    6. Under Request New Token, select a Reason from the drop-down menu  
    7. Confirm that delivery address for the physical security token is correct. If it's not, refer to Update CommBiz Address Details before proceeding  
    8. Click Submit  
    9. Click Confirm

    If you have any problems with your eToken or the device you've registered it to, see the activation and user guide.

Receiving your physical tokens

    • Physical security tokens normally take 3-5 business days to arrive. If it’s been longer, call us on 13 2339
    • Check you’ve entered the right delivery address by going to Admin followed by Service and Preferences and checking your details. If it’s wrong, ask your administrator to update it
    • If we’ve sent a physical token to the wrong address, you’ll need to order a replacement token.

Important information

  • This guide is published solely for information purposes. As this guide has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should consider its appropriateness to your circumstances and if necessary seek the appropriate financial advice before acting on information in this guide. Call 13 2221 or view the CommBiz terms and conditions.