• This checklist covers incorporated bodies, unincorporated bodies and associations.
    • An association is created by a group of people for a common purpose. E.g. a sporting club
    • An incorporated body is created when a group of people formally register or incorporate their association as a separate legal entity under state or territory legislation
    • An unincorporated body or association is one that hasn't formally been registered or incorporated with a relevant body
  • Details we need

    • Full name of the association
    • Full address of the principal place of administration or registered office
    • Any unique identifying number (this is not required for unincorporated associations)
    • Association type
    • Tax residency information - including countries of residency and tax identification number
    • Full name of chairman, secretary and treasurer (or equivalent)
    • Tell us if the association earns more than 50% of its income from investing activities
  • Documents we check

    • An original, certified copy (or certified extract) of the constitution or rules of the association
    • ID for yourself, the chairman (or chairman equivalent), at least one member of the association and anyone else you'd like to operate the account
  • Who needs to visit a branch with ID?

    • You
    • The chairman (or chairman equivalent)
    • At least one member of the association
    • Anyone else you'd like to operate the account

Personal ID

  • These are the documents we need to see to verify your identity.

    One of these

    • Passport
    • Australian or New Zealand drivers licence
  • or

    Two of these non-photographic documents

    • Australian or foreign birth certificate
    • Australian or foreign citizenship certificate
    • Centrelink pension or health card
  • or

    One of the listed non-photographic documents and one of these

    • A Commonwealth, State or Territory-issued notice issued to you that clearly shows your full name and residential address
    • An Australian Tax Office notice that clearly shows your full name and residential address
    • An utilities notice from a local government body or utilities provider that clearly shows your full name and residential address
    • Your overseas drivers licence (we don't accept digital drivers' licenses as personal ID)


  • How do I provide this info?

    You need to provide original documents or certified copies that are up-to-date.

  • How do I get my documents certified?

    You need to have a copy of the original document signed by a prescribed person and clearly mark your certified copy as a 'true copy of the original document'.

    View the Certified Copies Identification Form to find out more

  • What if my documents aren't in English?

    You'll need to get them translated by a translator who is accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (NAATI) or similar.

  • What if the name on the personal identification document is different or has changed?

    You'll need to get a Change of Name certificate issued by the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

What's next?

Take your documents to a branch with a small business specialist

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