Choose your form/s

Download, complete and return the form/s applicable to your organisation. Please refer to our communication which specifies the form/s we require or call 1800 761 380 from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney/Melbourne time.

Who can complete and submit this form:

  • Director
  • Shareholder
  • Secretary

Please note: If any of the officeholders or shareholders have changed, please ensure ASIC has been updated.

Download form (PDF)

Who can complete and submit this form:

  • Trustee
  • Beneficiary
  • Appointer

If your trust has a corporate trustee, any individual that holds one of the following roles in the trustee company can also complete the form:

  • Director
  • Shareholder
  • Secretary

Download form (PDF)

Who can complete and submit this form:

  • Sole Trader – The proprietor or anyone with Power of Attorney (note: we will require evidence of this before accepting the completed form) over the Individual that has registered the Sole Trader
  • Business name – Anyone holding a position of authority within the proprietor organisation (see form for more details)

Download form (PDF)

Who can complete and submit this form:

  • Chairperson, Treasurer or Secretary of the association, or someone that fulfils an equivalent role

Download form (PDF)

Who can complete and submit this form:

  • A Partner or anyone holding a position of authority within the partnership organisation (see form for more details)

Download form (PDF)

Who can complete and submit this form: 

  • If you have received a request to complete the Source of Wealth & Funds form for your organisation. 

Download form (PDF)

How to submit your form


Commonwealth Bank of Australia
CDIR Processing
Reply Paid 90183
PO Box 209

Postage is free if sent from Australia. Please ensure you only send certified copies – not original identification documents. 


Email the completed form to Because email can be an unsecure method of communication, we recommend you encrypt your attachment/s and provide instructions to access/decrypt the file in a separate communication to the attachment.

We may require further information/clarification from you and we will call you if required.

In person

Visit your nearest branch and bring your completed form/s with you.

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We’ve noticed your organisation’s information is either incomplete or outdated and we need you to update these details as part of our regulatory obligations. 

These obligations are known as ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC), and are covered under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. Your confirmation of these details also helps us meet our taxation residency reporting obligations under the Taxation Administration Act 1953, and our obligation under the Privacy Act 1988 to make sure your organisation’s information is complete and accurate.

When we have accurate and up-to-date information, it helps us keep accounts safe and protected from fraud. It also ensures that we meet our Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements under Anti-Money Laundering Law.

The communication we sent you specifies the form/s you need to complete and they outline all the details we require. Some key details include:

  • The Current Name of your Organisation
  • Registration Numbers (if applicable)
  • Address(s)
  • The Ownership structure of your organisation (including the personal details of the organisation's key people) 
  • Tax residency information.

If you don’t update your organisation’s details, we may need to restrict access to your organisation’s account/s until you do. We’ll let you know about this at least 60 days before any account restrictions would apply. Please ensure we have updated contact details so we can reach your organisation with this important message.

If your organisation’s account is restricted or closed, your organisation’s account/s won’t be able to:

  • be accessed by anyone who has authority to do so,
  • receive most payments, and
  • make payments, this includes payments from any associated cards.

Please be aware that any scheduled transactions, direct debits or regular payments may not be processed. Any regular fees and charges may still apply to the above listed account/s. Refer to your product terms and conditions for more information by visiting

The restrictions on your organisation’s account/s can be removed as soon as updated details are provided. 

To avoid missing any scheduled transactions, direct debits or regular payments while the account is restricted, you’ll need to make other arrangements until we have your organisation’s updated details and the account is reactivated. 

You can view any scheduled transfers if you do your organisation’s banking online:

  • In the CommBank app, simply go to ‘Bills and upcoming payments’ to get started; or in NetBank, simply go to ‘Transfers & BPAY’ and select ‘Scheduled transfers/BPAY’. 

If you’ve organised a direct debit or regular payment with a merchant, you’ll need to contact them to arrange another payment option. If you’re not sure how, we’re here to help – you can contact us on 13 2221 or visit us at your nearest branch. For CommBiz customers, you can contact us on 13 2339.

You’ll need to update your organisation’s details with us whenever they change. We’ll also need to confirm your organisation’s information from time to time as part of our regulatory obligations to ensure your details are complete, current and accurate.

We may share your information with other members of the Commonwealth Bank Group (as described in the Group Privacy Policy), and with third parties, for the reasons already outlined or where the law otherwise allows or requires. These third parties can include:

  • joint account holders
  • brokers, advisers and people who act on your behalf;
  • service providers, such as product distributors;
  • businesses who do some of our work for us, including direct marketing and IT support;
  • other financial institutions (such as banks), auditors, insurers and re-insurers; and government and law enforcement agencies or regulators.

If you’re a foreign tax resident, we’ll disclose your tax residency information (including any Tax Identification Number) to the Australian Taxation Office. This information will be exchanged with other tax authorities to help make sure everyone pays the right amount of tax. 

Sometimes, we might need to send your information overseas, for example:

  • where we outsource particular functions;
  • to overseas businesses in our Group;
  • if we need to complete a transaction for you;
  • to comply with laws, and assist government and law enforcement agencies or regulators. 

Visit our Group Privacy Statement, or ask for a copy at any branch. The Group Privacy Statement covers:

  • other ways and reasons we may collect, use or share your information;
  • how to access your personal information and correct it if it’s wrong; how to make a privacy-related complaint (including about our compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles) and how we’ll deal with it; and how you can contact us.

To contact us, call 1800 761 380 from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney/Melbourne time, or from overseas call +61 2 8055 4092. Call charges may apply.