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About Us

We can tailor covenants, tenure and pricing to best fit your capital structure. We can arrange access to a number of lenders located both domestically and internationally.

We know that ease of doing business is very important for you, which is why our business heads have considerable delegation authority to make things happen. So even though we’re Australia’s largest bank, our internal processes are helping us to be the most nimble.

Our specialists can provide you with a tailored solution based on your needs, as well as proactively presenting opportunities that you may not have considered.


Benefit from our quarterly market briefings through the use of our Debt Markets Update (PDF | 2.5MB). We also provide the use of our offshore offices to best accommodate our borrowers’ needs. Our size allows us to move quickly to provide funding and follow up with syndication.

We remain a large lender to our Syndicated Facilities, thus ensuring the preservation of a relationship. Obtain access to our spectrum of in-house industry specialists. Our global presence provides us with an extremely deep knowledge of the market and its participants. We can share this with you.

Global Economic & Markets Research

Our Global Economic & Markets Research (GEMR) team provides clients with regular, real-time research and insights enriched by CommBank internally generated data, showing changes in the economy across income, savings, expenditure and lending.


As your banking partner we work with you to develop solutions that support your business direction and ambition.

Our dedicated industry teams can provide you with an integrated banking solution that can help you balance your customer needs, shareholders expectations and the opportunities of the broader economic environment.

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Do I have to deal with all the syndicate lenders?

We will appoint an Agent co-ordinate the syndicate banks and act as the conduit between the borrower and the lenders. The borrower would approach the Agent with a request and the Agent would then disseminate to the syndicate.

Should I be concerned that CBA will not offer me the amount I am seeking to borrow and question why I require a syndicated loan?

No need for concern, rather than using all of one bank’s credit appetite, as the Lead Arranger, we will co-ordinate a facility that preserves capacity/credit for broad opportunities. 

Does it take any longer than simply borrowing from one bank?

It can take a little longer. However we can underwrite the facility and deliver you with the proceeds and then move to syndicate the transaction. This will allow you to continue with your business.

Why would I want a syndicate of banks?

The syndicate will deliver different perspectives. They will also provide you with a diversification of lenders that may provide specialist services that you would otherwise not be able to access.

How would CBA handle a syndicated finance in Hong Kong?

We have team members located in Hong Kong, London, and New Zealand, in addition to Melbourne and Sydney. We combine the strength of relationships around our offices to best structure the syndication.

Will I be liable for Withholding Tax (WHT) for syndicate members not incorporated in Australia?

No, we will make use of Section 128 F, which provides procedures to follow which remove WHT payments.

Does it cost more?

Not unless you choose to have us underwrite the transaction, which ensures the delivery of funds, the costs will not vary greatly.   

Can currencies other than A$ be syndicated?

Yes, we can arrange syndicated loans for a number of currencies.

Will Commbank Corporate remain in control?

Yes, we will be the Lead Arranger and co-ordinate the syndicate.

Can I select the banks/lenders I wish to have relationships with?

You can identify which banks and/or lenders you would like us to approach.