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About us

How we can make a difference to your business:

  • Reduce the costs of staying compliant – leverage a range  of hosted payment page and tokenisation solutions that reduce your PCI DSS scope
  • Discover call centre and operations centre efficiencies – remove the need to handle paper forms and paper direct debit authorities with online form and signing
  • Everyday settlement – ability to settle every day of the week
  • Intelligent technology – set up intelligent reprocessing rules for declined payments and send SMS reminders to customers before a payment is due
  • 24 hour support – 24-hour business and technical support centre based in Australia who ensure every call is answered promptly with no voice mail redirect. We offer four-hour terminal swap out in the event of technical issues
  • Remove the need to capture, transmit and store card data – our tokenisation functionality in our BPOINT payment solution can protect you against card data theft.


Your customers want more payment options, but you want to keep things simple. BPOINT can help you do both.

With BPOINT, you can offer your customers multiple payment options via a smart device, computer or telephone from a credit card or a bank account while streamlining payments’ processing in your business.

Whether it’s automating the capture of direct debit authorities, streamlining your reconciliation processes or reducing the security costs of storing card data, BPOINT has powerful capabilities that can unlock significant value for your business.

BPOINT supports you in:

  • Accepting payments over the phone
  • Accepting payments for invoices online
  • Selling goods online
  • Extending your customers' payment terms by allowing them to pay via a credit card.

BPOINT lets you:

  • Establish direct debit authorities without the use of paper
  • Settle every day of the week
  • Process credit card and bank account payments
  • De-scope PCI by removing the need to capture, transmit or store card data
  • Set up intelligent reprocessing rules for declined payments
  • Send SMS reminders to customers before a payment is due.

Learn more about our point of sale options for your business

Unique insights for your industry

We have visibility of approximately 40% of all card-based transactions in Australia, giving us a unique view on real-world consumer purchasing behaviours.

So whether you’re deciding to expand your business, or gain a better understanding of the buying behaviours of current and potential customers, we can provide you with detailed analytics and consulting solutions to help you make that decision.


How can we integrate to BPOINT? 

BPOINT allows merchants easy integration with your existing systems as we provide you with detailed integration mapping (via APIs or SFTPs).

Can BPOINT tokenise my card data? 

BPOINT offers a sophisticated tokenisation solution that removes the need and risks associated with storing your customer data.

Does BPOINT offer a hosted payment page? 

BPOINT offers a hosted payment page for businesses that want to reduce PCI scope.