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Is your city the most expensive for petrol?

Is your city the most expensive for petrol?

The Australian Institute of Petroleum says that Aussie petrol prices remain at a record low with petrol around 17 cents a litre cheaper than five years ago, but some cities are paying more than others.

As of last week (week to 27 August) the national average price of unleaded petrol was $1.28 a litre, according the Australian Institute of Petroleum. But filling up at the bowser can leave some Aussies counting the cost more than others.

A report from CommSec shows that drivers in Sydney get the better deal paying, on average, $1.17 a litre while those in Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart pay significantly more.

Sydney $1.17
Melbourne $1.34
Canberra $1.28
Adelaide $1.29
Perth $1.25
Darwin $1.28
Hobart $1.35
Brisbane $1.38

The national average price of diesel petrol rose by 0.2 cents to $1.27 per litre in the week to August 27. The metropolitan price rose by 0.2 cents to $1.27 per litre while the regional average price rose 0.2 cents to $1.27.


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