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A career gamble - the unexpected joy of a career in risk

A career gamble - the unexpected joy of a career in risk

Adam, Senior Manager Risk Assurance, Group Operations, Line 1

Adam joined CommBank in 2007 straight out of school, with the motive of earning to pay rent. Fast forward 12 years, he’s had vast experience in countless roles. And while it wasn’t part of his plan, Adam says that he’s pleased to have landed a role in risk.

“I never thought I’d end up in risk. I started in the call centre and worked my way into leadership positions. I got to the point that I wanted to try something different, so I put my hand up for a risk role. I made the switch about four years ago and I haven’t looked back. I love it.”

As a Senior Manager, Operational Risk, in CommBank’s Group Operations team, Adam says what he values most is being able to make a positive impact every day.  

“I work in what’s called Line 1 risk, which means my role is embedded within a business unit, as opposed to being in a support function. I partner with stakeholders in the Group Operations business unit to identify, manage and rectify issues and incidents, both proactively and reactively. Ultimately our team works to keep the business unit, the bank and our customers safe.

“It’s exciting. No two days are ever the same, because new priorities are popping up all the time. Being able to tackle those and add value is really rewarding.”

One reason Adam didn’t consider moving into risk earlier was because he didn’t have a “traditional risk background”. But he now says he values the deep understanding of the business and the benefits it brings to a risk and controls role.

“A lot of what I do is thinking logically about finding better solutions, being proactive and pragmatic when making recommendations, and ultimately applying common sense to any situation. This doesn’t necessarily come from a legal or audit background. It’s about really knowing your business, understanding the processes and pain points and looking for ways to make improvements.”

From Adam’s perspective, there’s been a significant shift in the role of risk at CommBank over the past 12months.

“We’re holding hands with the business and being brought into conversations early to offer guidance and support. As a risk professional, this makes my job easier because having advocates within the organisation means you can make substantive change for the better. It’s really motivating knowing that the impact that I can have is growing every day.”

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