• We bring a global perspective and have specialists based in Asia, Australia/NewZealand, North America, and Europe with expertise across:

    • Risk Management – helping clients manage exposure to price changes and mitigate non-payment risk (futures, forwards, letters of credit issuance and confirmation) 
    • Inventory management – supporting clients with structured financing products (structured trade finance, repurchase facilities) to access physical commodities and facilitate their transportation from production to consumption
    • Working Capital Financing – providing clients with short term funding options such as working capital facilities, supply chain finance, asset based lending and traditional trade financing

Our solutions

  • Agricultural markets

    Our physical commodity inventory solutions enable financing tailored to your cash flow and balance sheet requirements across the wheat, sorghum, canola and barley markets. We also help you manage the price risk associated with wheat, corn, soybeans, soymeal, soybean oil, canola, feed barley, sorghum, cotton, sugar, coffee, cocoa, dairy, and livestock. We tailor over-the-counter swaps, options and collars for large producers and consumers that require flexible risk management solutions.

  • Base & precious metals

    Our dedicated commodities trading desk operates from Sydney, London, Singapore, and New York, providing clients 24-hour access to hedging products for base and precious metals. We provide risk management solutions, including swaps, options and forwards across a range of metal indices.

    Physical commodity financing solutions for aluminium, copper, nickel, gold, and silver provide cost-effective funding tailored to your requirements. Our team is highly experienced in corporate, project and inventory financing in Australia and internationally.

  • Energy & environmental markets

    We provide solutions to manage all aspects of the energy value chain, from upstream production of hydrocarbons to electricity generation and transitions to lower carbon alternatives. We work with power, utilities, renewables, water, and waste businesses, delivering debt and equity capital to support greenfield and development projects, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate activity. 

    We also offer risk management solutions covering oil, gas and refined products. We are a leader in environmental markets domestically and internationally from both a compliance standpoint (EUAs, CCAs, NZUs, UKAs) and participation in voluntary and hybrid schemes such as ACCUs.

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Export/import services

  • Export solutions

    For businesses and institutions selling products, raw materials, and services offshore, our solutions help manage financial risk and improve cash flow pressures often associated with export activity. Our trade finance experts can help you navigate export markets with solutions including:

    • Export documentary collection
    • Export documentary letter of credit
    • Without-recourse export finance
    • Foreign bill negotiation
  • Import solutions

    Our import solutions are designed to provide confidence when trading overseas. We provide products and tools to manager risk and improve cash flow through closing the gap between paying international suppliers and receiving payment from local customers. This includes:

    • Import documentary collection
    • Import documentary letter of credit
    • Trade advance
  • Supply chain finance

    Ensuring that partners in your supply chain have access to sufficient, steady financing on competitive terms is crucial to ensure long-term stability. Supply Chain Finance ('SCF') is a partnership to provide working capital support for your chosen suppliers and buyers. We can tailor solutions to match your risk management, liquidity and supply chain needs and offer:

    • Supplier Led finance programmes
    • Buyer Led finance programmes
  • Structured trade

    Our range of structured trade solutions can help your businesses optimise its working capital by identifying opportunities to unlock liquidity for your organisation and across your supply chain. These solutions include:

    • Pre-shipment finance
    • Post-shipment finance
    • Borrowing base facility
    • Working capital facility
  • Trade online

    Our online banking platforms are designed to provide simple and efficient access to your business transaction accounts and real-time pricing on fixed-term deposits, wherever you are in the world. Our digital banking solutions include:

    • CommBiz – Online transactional banking for all businesses
    • CommBiz markets – Online access to money market investments and real-time pricing on fixed-term deposits and security investments
  • Guarantees

    A CBA guarantee can provide surety of payment to your customers and suppliers. This may be valuable when bidding on contracts contingent upon demonstrated performance capability or ability to meet contractual obligations. CBA can assist you with the provision of: 

    • Bid Bonds 
    • Advance Payment Guarantees
    • Performance Bonds
    • Guarantees and stand-by letters of credit subject to ICC Rules (UCP, URDG, ISB )
    • Back to back guarantees
    • Payment guarantees related to shipment of goods and services (Open Account)
    • Custom bonds
    • Shipping Guarantees /Bill of Lading Indemnities 
    • Work Cover

Green & sustainable trade

CBA is proud to be supporting Australia’s transition to a net zero emissions economy by 2050. To assist your business meet its sustainability goals, CBA has developed a suite of green and sustainably linked trade finance solutions. 

Green trade finance

CBA has a variety of products designed to assist you in financing your environmentally sustainable trade activities. Where these activities align to Green Loan Principles (GLP), CBA can provide the following:

  • Trade Loans
  • Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit; and
  • Guarantees

Sustainability-linked trade finance

CBA can provide working capital and trade solutions specifically tailored to assist your business in attaining its sustainability goals. 

Things you should know

  • As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on this advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances. View our Financial Services Guide (PDF). Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124. AFSL and Australian credit licence 234945.