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Understanding HECS-HELP

HECS-HELP is designed to help students at university who don’t have the money upfront to pay the fees, by allowing them to study for a degree and deferring payment until they are earning money in the workforce. 

1. Pay fees upfront

  • If you have some money saved or your parents are helping you out, pay your fees upfront and get a discount

2. Make a partial payment

  • Make a part payment of more than $500 and get a discount
  • The more you can afford upfront, the bigger the discount and reduction on the debt you carry

3. Defer the entire payment until you’re working

  • This option can put a degree within reach that would have been difficult to manage otherwise
  • You don’t have to repay the debt until you start working and there’s no interest charged on your HECS-HELP loan

  • You start repaying your HECS-HELP debt once your repayment income is above the compulsory payment threshold, even if you are still studying
  • The threshold is adjusted each year – check out the Study Assist website to find out the most current years threshold
  • No interest is charged on your HECS-HELP loan, although it does increase in line with the CPI each year

You need to:

  • Youth Allowance is for full-time students and apprentices who are 16-24
  • Austudy is for full-time students and apprentices who are 25 or more

You need to:

  • Be an Australian resident
  • Study at TAFE or university full-time
  • Satisfy income and asset tests
  • Find out if you’re entitled to these payments and how to maximise your income without losing benefits 
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