Credit reporting

Key credit reporting matters you should be aware of

A credit report gives us information about your credit history. Credit reports are provided by credit reporting bodies, who collect and share credit information with credit providers like us, and other service businesses like phone companies.

The Privacy Act limits the information we can give to credit reporting bodies, and that they can give us. The Act also limits how we can use credit reports.

The information we can share with credit reporting bodies includes:

  • Your identity
  • Type and amount of credit you have — like credit cards, home loans, or personal loans
  • How much you’ve borrowed
  • If you’ve made all your repayments
  • If you’ve committed fraud or another serious credit infringement.

Credit reporting bodies include this information in their reports to assist other credit providers to assess your credit worthiness. 

Each body has a policy which sets out how it deals with information it holds and you can obtain a copy of the policy by contacting the body using the contact details above.

You can access credit-related information we hold about you, request us to correct the information and make a complaint to us about your credit-related information.

Direct marketing - Credit providers like us can ask credit reporting bodies to use your credit information to “pre-screen” you for direct marketing purposes. You can tell a credit reporting body not to do this. 

Preventing identity fraud - If you think you have been or could be a victim of fraud — for example, if someone else may be using your name to apply for credit — you can ask the credit reporting body not to use or give anyone your credit information.

For more information about credit reporting matters and our privacy practices generally, please see our Privacy Policy.

Other questions you may have

Your credit report changes from time to time. To obtain the most up-to-date version, you should contact the relevant credit reporting bodies. Contact details for the three credit reporting bodies that we use are set out in “Which credit reporting bodies do we use” above.

We may be able to provide you with a copy of the credit reporting information we obtained at the time of your most recent application. This may be of limited use to you as it may not reflect changes in your credit report since the time you applied for a loan with us.

Credit providers use various credit reporting bodies so you may need to request your credit report from each of the three bodies to understand your overall credit history.

Contact the applicable credit reporting body or the credit provider who listed the information, and they will investigate the matter for you. They will let you know what the outcome of the investigation is, and if needed, correct the information on your credit report.

For information on the our approach to privacy and credit reporting visit our Privacy Policy page.

For information about credit reporting generally visit:

  • The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner page on credit reporting
  • Credit Smart: a consumer education website developed by the Australasian Retail Credit Association (ARCA), with support from industry.