Essential Super fees will vary depending on the investment options you choose. For example, with the Lifestage option, you’ll pay: 

Lifestage option fee type
Administration fees and costs

Administration fees pay for the general cost of running the super fund and managing your super account.
The percentage-based administration fees and costs are reflected in the daily unit price and are deducted from the assets of the investment option on a monthly basis.
The dollar-based administration fees and costs are payable each month by deduction of units from the investment option.
Please note: A lower amount will be deducted from your account, as you will be given the benefit of the tax deduction.
0.04% p.a.
Plus $60 p.a.
Investment fees and costs

These fees are charged for managing your investments. They vary based on the investment option that you’ve chosen and cover the expert management of your option’s assets
Investment fees and costs are reflected in the daily unit price and is generally deducted from the assets of the investment option on a monthly basis.
0.56% - 0.57% p.a.
Buy / sell spread

Whenever you rollover, invest, switch or withdraw your investment, some of the fund’s assets may be bought or sold. You only pay a buy/sell spread when you change your investments. The buy/sell spread covers transaction costs like stamp duty and brokerage.
Buy/sell spreads are reflected in the price you receive or get when you transact.
0.10% per transaction
Estimated net transaction costs

These costs are deducted from the underlying assets of the option and are reflected in the daily unit price for that option.
Depending on the cost, they may be deducted daily, monthly or at some other time.
0.02% - 0.07% p.a.

Additional fees may apply. Refer to the PDS and Fees and Investments Reference Guide to find out more, including the fees and costs that apply to the non-Lifestage options.1

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Essential Super fees are 15% lower compared to the super funds average2

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Things you should know

  • 1 Additional fees may apply. If you leave the superannuation fund, you may be charged a buy/sell spread which also applies whenever you make a contribution, exit, rollover or investment switch. For example, the buy/sell spread for exiting a Lifestage option is 0.10% (this will equal $50 for every $50,000 you withdraw). Insurance costs will also apply. Refer to the PDS and Fees and Investments Reference Guide to find out more.

    2 The fee comparison is for MySuper products. This fee comparison is based on the Lifestage 1965-69 investment option for a member balance of $50,000 and may vary for different age cohorts. The Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey compares the Lifestage option that is closest to 71% growth assets, which is consistent with the average risk and return profile of most non-lifecycle products. Total fees and costs include administration fees and costs, investment fees and costs and net transaction costs on a gross of tax basis. Fund averages are calculated by Chant West on a weighted average basis. This comparison has been prepared by CFS using data sourced from the Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey, effective 31 December 2023 and is based on information provided to Chant West by third parties, that is believed accurate at the time of publication. Fees may change in the future which may affect the outcome of the comparison. Chant West may make adjustments to fees and costs for comparison purposes and therefore data may vary to other published materials. Whilst care has been taken to ensure that the data provided by Chant West is correct, CFS neither warrants, represents nor guarantees the contents of the information, nor does it accept any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any inconsistencies herein. Additional fees may apply. PDS and Fees and Investments Reference Guide to find out more.

    Avanteos Investments Limited ABN 20 096 259 979, AFSL 245531 (referred to as Colonial First State, CFS, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’) is the Trustee of Essential Super ABN 56 601 925 435 and the issuer of interests in Essential Super. Essential Super is distributed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124, AFSL 234945 (the Bank). The CFS Group consists of Superannuation and Investments HoldCo Pty Limited ABN 64 644 660 882 (HoldCo) and its subsidiaries, which includes CFS. The Bank holds an interest in the CFS Group through its significant minority interest in HoldCo.

    This information is issued by CFS and may include general financial product advice but does not consider your individual objectives, financial situation, needs or tax circumstances, and so you should consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your circumstances before acting on it. The Target Market Determination (TMD) for Essential Super can be found at and includes a description of who the financial product is appropriate for and any conditions on how the product can be distributed to customers. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the Reference Guides for Essential Super carefully and consider whether the information is appropriate for you before making any decision regarding this product. Download the PDS and Reference Guides at or call us on 13 4074 for a copy.

    None of the Bank, HoldCo, CFS, nor any of their respective subsidiaries guarantee the performance of Essential Super or the repayment of capital by Essential Super. An investment in this product is subject to risk, loss of income and capital invested. An investment in Essential Super is via a superannuation trust and is therefore not an investment in, deposit with or other liability of the Bank or its subsidiaries.

    The insurance provider is AIA Australia Limited ABN 79 004 837 861, AFSL 230043 (AIA Australia). AIA Australia is not part of the Commonwealth Bank Group or CFS. Insurance cover is provided to eligible members of Essential Super under policies issued to CFS.

    Please refer to the Group Privacy Statement and the CFS Privacy Policy for more information about how your personal information is collected, used and shared.