Keep in mind

  • Only a selected range of forms can be returned using electronic signatures
  • For certain things, you’ll still need to sign the form with a pen as usual
  • The maximum individual file size is 5MB (megabytes)
  • All your files combined can’t exceed 6MB
  • If you are printing and scanning your completed form and need to reduce your file size,

o   Scan your documents in black & white instead of colour

o   Adjust your scanner to capture documents in a lighter shade

o   Set your scanner to a lower resolution in dpi (dots per inch)

  • Accepted file formats include PDF, JPG (or JPEG), PNG and BMP

What you'll need

  • Make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader software is installed on your computer
  • If Acrobat Reader isn’t already installed, you can download it here
  • Alternatively, you may choose to use Adobe Fill & Sign app available on App Store for iPhone or iPad and Google Play

You will need to register for NetBank to submit forms online

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Here’s how

1) Download the form

Save the form as a PDF file, either on your computer’s desktop or in a folder. This is an important first step, because certain web browsers won’t save your information after editing.

2) Open the form

You might need to right-click your mouse or track-pad and choose ‘Open with > Adobe Acrobat Reader’

3) Type your details into the form

The form is an ‘editable’ PDF, which means you can select individual fields for filling in your details, as follows:

a)    Using your mouse or track-pad, right-click the document.

b)    Select either the Hand tool or the Select tool from the pop-up menu.

c)    The pointer changes to a different icon as you move it over a field. For example, the Hand tool changes to an an icon that looks like a capital “I” when you can type text into the form field. Some text fields can automatically resize to accommodate the amount of text that you enter.

d)    Click to select options, such as radio buttons. Click inside a text field to type. Press Tab to move forward or Shift+Tab to move backward.

e)    Once you’ve completed the form, you don’t need to sign it. Instead, in the Print Name field, please type in your full name.

f)     OPTIONAL: If you prefer, you can sign the form using the Adobe Print & Sign function.

4) Save your form

After you’ve entered all your information, you should select your computer’s ‘Print to PDF’ function and save the PDF file. This will ensure all your information is retained. 

5) Upload your form

  • Log in to NetBank then select your Essential Super account
  • Navigate your way to My Account > e-Post a request or upload scanned form
  • Follow the upload guidelines on your screen


You’re all done!