What is Ceba?

Ceba (see-bah) is a chatbot. A sophisticated, virtual assistant who can give you in-the-moment, digital support. Not to be confused with our live chat, where you have an online conversation with one of our human team members.

How Ceba can help you

Ceba can answer a range of day-to-day banking questions and provide you with helpful info. Ceba’s focus is to provide you with solutions to help you manage your money better.


Ceba is often asked how to:

  • Activate a card and set a PIN
  • Check account balances
  • Make payments
  • Set up automatic payments between accounts
  • Use Cardless Cash in the CommBank app
  • Check the status of an application 

Hey Ceba

You can say hi to Ceba in NetBank or the CommBank app any time, day or night. Ceba never sleeps.

Currently Ceba understands and replies in English but we’re teaching Ceba different languages. Learning them and becoming fluent will take some time though, so be patient with Ceba.


Got a question?

Ceba lives in the chat tab in NetBank and you’ll also see its friendly face on the CommBank app home screen. Ceba is ready to answer your question or point you in the right direction if you need to speak to someone.


Ceba our NetBank chatbot

Not replacing the human touch

As a virtual assistant, Ceba is great. Quick, helpful and proactive.
Nothing replaces the human touch though. And Ceba knows that.

Ceba will let you know when it’s better that you chat to a human – and give you the right info so you can get in touch with the right team, straight away.


Keeping your info private

Ceba lives behind our secure log on gates.

This means that any personal info you share with Ceba remains private. And Ceba may ask you something, in order to provide you with a more personalised answer. So feel reassured that whatever you tell Ceba is always kept secure.

Discover how we keep your info safe