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The CommBank app is your one-stop-shop for your banking and support needs:

Contact us 24/7

Message us anytime, our messaging and urgent support specialists are available to help 24/7. 

Connect to the right help

Instant help with everyday banking enquiries or connect to a specialist via messaging or over the phone.

Support all in one place

The CommBank app helps you find the support you need, all in one convenient place.

Safe & secure

Your details are sent to us securely through the CommBank app, so you know you're speaking with us.

Help at your fingertips

  • How to contact us in the app

    Wherever you are, here's how you can contact us for support in the CommBank app. 
    1. Log on to the CommBank app
    2. Tap the Help  icon in the top-right corner
    3. Tap ‘Message us’, or choose a topic to be connected with the right help
  • Our messaging and urgent support specialists are available anytime of the day or night.

    When you message us, our virtual assistant will help you instantly or send your enquiry to a specialist in our Customer Service Team.

    Some general help topics will show you call wait times and the option to call or message us during business hours. 

Message us 24/7

The easy and secure way to get support, whenever you need it

Message us icon

Get instant responses to your questions with Ceba

Our virtual assistant, Ceba, can answer many questions instantly, show you how to do everyday banking tasks, help resolve issues, or send your enquiry to a specialist via messaging 24/7.

Simply type your question to get started:

  • "I've lost my debit card!" – instantly lock your card while you look for it, or order a new one
  • “I don’t recognise a transaction” – Ceba can help you identify it or dispute the transaction
  • "Open a new business transaction account" – we'll show you how
  • “Book an appointment with a business lender” – we’ll help you book and let you know what you need
  • “Update my mobile number” – we’ll message you when it’s done or if we need more info 

Ceba can also connect you over the phone for general enquiries during business hours or 24/7 if it’s urgent. 

Don't miss a message from us

If you’ve messaged us, make sure you turn on push notifications for the CommBank app on your device, so you can receive an app notification once a specialist is available (usually within 2 business hours).

That way, you don’t need to stay logged on to the app, and you can message back at a time that suits you.

Get help

Need to talk to us?

Skip the automated questions and get connected to the right team

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Call us in the CommBank app

You can fast track your enquiry in the CommBank app.

To find the right support, tap on the topic you need help with. If there’s a way to resolve it yourself, we’ll show you how. Otherwise, you’ll have the option to speak to a specialist.

When you call us in the CommBank app, you'll also be able to skip the automated questions.

We’ll let you know how long you might need to wait on-hold. Or, if your question can be answered quickly in the app, we’ll let you know that too.

Your safety & security

The safe way to know you're speaking with CommBank

Contacting us through the app is secure, with all messages encrypted to protect your information.

We’ll never ask you for your full account numbers, full debit or credit card numbers, card PINs, NetCode, or NetBank password (you should never share these with anyone).

When you make a call to CommBank, we may ask for some information or use our in-app verification service, CallerCheck, to confirm your identity.  You can also use CallerCheck to verify whether a caller claiming to be from CommBank is legitimate. It’s our preferred method of verification as a more secure way to complete the identification process.

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