Immediate, practical support

As a CommBank customer you can access our Domestic & Family Violence Emergency Assistance Package to support you and your family leaving a domestic or family violence situation. This includes situations of financial abuse (PDF).

Access the package by calling 1800 222 387, a 24/7 confidential service run by independent, specialist counsellors. 

How we can help

You may have access to:

  • Trained counsellors to assess your needs and ensure your immediate safety
  • Financial support in a package designed to provide immediate and practical assistance
  • Ongoing specialised financial assistance if you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of your situation.

Our Domestic & Family Violence Emergency Assistance package is available for current CommBank customers, aged 16 years and above in any partnership or family situation. 

What happens if you call?

It takes courage to pick up the phone and talk openly about your situation - our specialist team understand that. 

Your call will always be answered by an independent counsellor trained to help you. 

They’ll start by asking you a couple of questions. This enables them to decide which essential support service will be of immediate benefit to you and your family.

The conversation between you and your counsellor is completely confidential. 

24/7 confidential specialist support

Your safety is our priority. Our 1800 number is managed by specialist, independent counsellors who can assist you and refer you to essential support services. Call 1800 222 387 at any time.    

In an emergency or if you’re not feeling safe, always call 000.

Call us for assistance

Partnering with others to end domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence is a serious and widespread problem in Australia.

It affects all communities and can take many forms, including financial abuse. 

We are part of a movement to end domestic and family violence in a generation, and this includes supporting our customers in crisis.

Things you should know

Customers will be assessed by trained, independent counsellors who will determine their suitability for the Domestic and Family Violence Emergency Assistance Package.

CommBank customers who are over 16 years of age may access the Domestic and Family Violence Emergency Assistance Package. Customers may access the package only once.

CommBank’s role is to make sure you and your family have access to immediate specialist support. The conversation between you and your counsellor is completely confidential.