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How much does a safety deposit box (Safe Custody) service cost?

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Last updated 06 June 2017

Safe Custody is a service offered by most of our branches where customers can store items in a packet or acceptable deposit box. In a limited number of sites customers can hire a vault. A customer may access their contents at any time during bank hours.

The annual fee associated with Safe Custody varies depending on the size of article be it a packet, box or vault:

  • Standard envelope supplied by the Bank - $55.00 p.a*. per lodgement
  • Non-standard envelopes and items (sealed) - $110.00 p.a.* per lodgement
  • Access fee (one free access per calendar month non-cumulative allowed) - $5.45* per access
  • Sealed receptacles lodged overnight - $55.00 p.a.* per lodgement
  • Scrip, Debentures, etc. held on Open Lodgement
    • Maintenance fee (per half year or part thereof) plus - $55.00*
    • Transaction fee (per certificate withdrawn) - $1.10*

To find out which branches in your area offer Safe Custody or have an availability please contact us. Further details are contained in our Common Banking Services Standard Fees and Charges brochure or visiting your local branch.

* Good and services tax (GST) is levied on fees received by the Bank for a taxable supply. The Bank passes the GST on to you. An asterisk (*) against an item indicates that the supply is taxable and we are passing on the GST as part of the fee.

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